A High-Performance Card Trick: New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080


For the last 20 years innovation has been what defines Alienware’s high performance gaming systems.  So we know innovation when we see it and we’re happy to congratulate NVIDIA for advancing graphic capabilities in gaming once again with the launch of its GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with breakthrough Pascal architecture created with the new FinFET manufacturing process.

Whether named after the 20th century computer programming language or the 17th century mathematician who invented the mechanical calculator, Pascal is clearly a huge leap ahead for NVIDIA by delivering the fastest performing GPU and memory to date.  According to NVIDIA, it delivers up to three times the performance and power efficiency of its previous GPUs, with faster and smoother gameplay, synchronized frame delivery, and new image-capture technology.  It also provides more immersive VR experiences with innovative audio, physics and haptics, while reducing latency.

Knowing that graphics are key to great game play and awesome experiences, our engineers began development years ago on the Alienware Graphics Amplifier; the goal was to allow our Alienware 13, 15, 17 notebooks and X51 desktop to take advantage of the latest desktop graphics performance quickly and easily. Over a year and a half ago, the Graphics Amplifier hit the market offering an external housing for high performance graphics cards. While many competitors have tried to duplicate this innovation, Alienware engineering remains the only team to deliver a viable solution. We’ve even recently moved to the everyday low price of $199 (as low as $169 with discount) for customers that want add the amplifier to their platform now. And what better time than now when the Graphics Amplifier offers one of the most affordable ways to add VR capable hardware?

The graphics card is key to our Amp’s awesome abilities, and you can look forward to taking it to the next level with the GeForce GTX 1080 – whether for maxed out gaming or VR. For existing Alienware Graphics Amplifier owners, the power of the latest NVIDIA card can be at your fingertips for around $600 MSRP. For Alienware users looking to get up and running, for under $800 you can package a new Alienware Graphics Amp ($199) with the new GTX 1080 ($599 MSRP); or for less than $580, opt for the most recent GTX 1070 card ($379). 

Already bought your system? No problem. Upgrade to Pascal and take advantage of its new high-performance technology with a simple swap-in.  Our Area 51 desktop and Graphics Amp are designed for easy interior access, so it’s a snap to update your graphics card. This allows you to strengthen your gaming artillery more often to maximize performance, whether on the Area 51, or using the Amp on Alienware 13/15/17 notebooks or Alienware X51 R3 small form factor desktop.

As we prepare for some exciting updates to our desktop portfolio, we’re excited to extend our relationship with NVIDIA.  Alienware relentlessly strives to offer the latest components on the market.  This dovetails into our commitment to the highest quality standards, which is why we look forward to having the new Pascal cards in our portfolio as early as possible after they’ve gone through Alienware’s rigorous validation process.  Our customers deserve nothing less.

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Conner Adams August 19, 2019
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8 thoughts on “A High-Performance Card Trick: New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

  1. @DELL-Joe O … The 1080 Founders Edition (reference) card currently wears an MSRP of $699, yet, no sooner do you post your good news here, I find the 1080 FE on Dell.com priced at $819. I admire your optimism that these cards can come as low as the stated MSRP of $599; however, now I begin to wonder if the $599 MSRP you quoted is perhaps, wishful thinking. Point blank, can a 1080 be had from Dell & Alienware both, at $599 each, $379 each for 1070 (for the AGA & Area-51 R2? If Dell will not honor the MSRP of the Founders Edition – but instead place a surcharge of $119 extra – what optimism can we the customer have that they will honor the lower $599 MSRP either, as opposed to $719 list price?

    I look forward to your reply, & to the AGA / Laptop / A51 video-card prices sonn to be found on Dell/Alienware.com. Thankyou.


    PNY Technologies PNY GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition | Mnfctrr Part# VCGGTX10808PB-CG | DP/N A8966240 {accessories.dell.com/…/productdetail.aspx

  2. @eqwoody… we  are still working on the final dates for launch of the both the new 1080 and 1070. We are working through the final validations and factory readiness. It will be very soon.

  3. @Cass-Ole… We are still working on final pricing for the cards that will be offered within system purchases (as upgrades from the base) and in our Alienware Graphics Amplifier purchase as well.  I'll check into the pricing that you are mentioned below, we are committed to be competitive with the rest of the market. I'll reach out our accessory pricing team.

  4. @jhkmiller .. No, the Alienware Graphics Amplifier will not work with the  Area-51, but fortunately the Area-51 is plumbed with (3) PCIe x 16 slots already. There are two PSUs available, 850w and 1.5KW to cover the amount of graphics you want to add.

  5. Tsk Tsk Dell. Once again promoting something that doesn't even work with your current setup.

    I have one of the 1080 Founders Edition cards and it doesn't work with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier correctly with the CURRENT drivers. Just like with the 980Ti, we have to wait until Dell and Nvidia get the hardware IDs into a future driver release.  It took at least a month or two the last time a major card like the 980Ti was released. Otherwise, it is not really worth buying the card until they get this resolved.

    Current Workaround:

    You CAN use it in the amp if you install the desktop drivers which will make the mobile card NOT work if you unplug the amp so you can't use both cards like you normally do. So if you are ok with leaving your laptop hooked up to the amp for a while — OR — you want to uninstall and reinstall drivers every time you switch, it is best to wait.

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