A Letter from Michael Dell: We’re Here to Help


To our customers and partners:

With the full impact of the COVID-19 virus uncertain, our world feels unsettled. I was with our global team in a virtual town hall this week where we talked a lot about this, and our priorities to keep each other and our communities healthy and safe and take care of our customers’ most critical needs. I thought I’d share some of that conversation with you and update you on the things we are doing, as we reinvent how we work and live during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we published a post on our blog to provide you with broad updates on how we are taking precautions, supporting communities, and enabling you to continue your work and personal lives in this evolving environment. We will use the blog to post regular updates as we work through this dynamic situation together.

Like you, we are stressing the importance of health and safety with our team, their families and the communities where we live. We must protect each other and especially our most vulnerable – our elderly and those with underlying conditions. Our Environmental Health and Safety team is following closely the advice and guidelines of the World Health Organization, our national centers for disease control and local health authorities. At the same time, we are managing the impact on our own business and supply chain operations, so we can take care of you. Whether enabling a remote workforce, ensuring business continuity, powering the technology for infectious disease prevention and control, or providing simple, human advice, support and friendship – we are here to help.

My thanks for what you are doing to protect our world during this difficult time. It is our honor to be your partner. Thank you for the trust you put in us.


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