A Little More on Dell’s Little Projector


Several days ago we introduced our pocket-size projector, the Dell M109S. At the time, Randy Gibson did a blog post about it over on YourBlog. But, since I had been getting a few inquiries about it from back in July when Engadget had blogged about it, I thought it made sense to catch up with Alison Gardner from Dell’s Latitude product team to get a few more details. Here’s the video.

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  • Anonymous

    sounds like (and looks like) an ego-toy. 

    "yo, check this out (as he whips the small projector out of his plush bag). i'm awesome!"

    just kidding. i'll get one…


  • Anonymous

    I would not waste your money on any Dell projector.  We had one at the YMCA where I work, and we could not get support, then suddenly we could not get any help at all.  The "service required" light came on and when we called tech support person said, "Vell, we don'ts support dat any more" this was from an overseas individual.  We asked to speak to someone in the USA but were told that the projector that we had for three years was not longer supported.  Guess Dell does not care about support.  Get your money and see you later.

  • Anonymous

    Only problem is that projector is small, but power unit is almust as big as projector itself. So, fro the perspective of mobility, small projector size is a bit misleading.