A New Standard for Energy Efficient Computing


Today we're announcing the latest chapter in our commitment to become the ‘greenest' technology company on the planet. Our laptops and desktops, already among the industry's most energy-efficient, are being designed to consume up to 25 percent less energy by 2010 relative to systems offered today. This is in contrast to Hewlett-Packard's announcement earlier this year relative to its 2005 offerings.

The energy efficiency of Dell OptiPlex desktops has improved nearly 50 percent since 2005, avoiding an estimated 23 million tons of CO2 in our atmosphere, while Latitude laptops have improved 16 percent since 2006. To achieve our new 2010 goal, we're going to continue to integrate Energy Smart technologies, including circuit designs, fans and power management features. We're also working closely with our suppliers to further develop and deliver energy-efficient components, including chip sets, power supplies and memory.

Today's announcement isn't just good news for the environment. With greater energy-efficiency comes greater savings for our customers. Our efficient OptiPlex computers have already saved our customers an estimated $2.4 billion dollars since 2005, and these new standards applied across other laptop and desktop lines promise to make that amount grow tremendously. These savings are tracked in real-time at www.dell.com/earth

Thanks to our customers, we are well on our way to reaching our goal and setting the standard for environmental responsibility within the technology industry. Stay tuned for more updates!


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3 thoughts on “A New Standard for Energy Efficient Computing

  1. I cannot believe I have been ripped off by a Dell Representative (FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY) and the best part is I can't find any communication within the US except Hopfully for this.

    After placing a order for a Canon SX100 camera for 204. and change and asking the rep to apply a DELL Gift Card of $50 toward the balance, put the rest on my DELL Preferred Acct. She GRATEFULLY told me it would be shipped within two weeks the balance was 164 and change. Everything was applied. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    So I thought, Well. After going on line the next week to check the status. My gift card was used that same day ( SEEMS though NOT BY ME !!!!) And I was charged the full priced of the camera on my Dell Account.

    Well, If you think you can call another country an get results. THINK again. I was hung up on TWICE. Transferred. Put of Hold. SORRY Put on FORGET. And no one would give their name.

    I told one girl to cancel the order, and she had the nerve to tell me the computers were down. So After calling American Express to verify that the card was used that day, and she couldn't do anything about. For the life on me I can't understand with all the links and phone numbers why DELL does not have complaint or a hotline for theft of services.

    I did call the next morning to cancel the camera, and I am out my $50 Gift Card for buy my XPS system. And I will have to think real hard before using Dell again.

    FINAL THOUGHT: I remember after buying my daughters laptop the time I had with your over seas customer service. I do in my work find that your US reps never hang up and email  responses.

    I DO WANT MY $50 BACK……… 

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