A successful treatment – delivering the best in 21st-century care to Plantein


clip_image002Step inside any modern hospital today, and you’ll immediately see the impact IT is having on healthcare. When Plantein, which provides healthcare to around 650 elderly patients in the Netherlands, came to us with concerns about the future of its IT systems, it was a great opportunity to show how technology delivers increasingly better support to its industry.

clip_image004Plantein had two basic questions in mind: How do we strip out complexity so IT personnel can concentrate on innovation and growth? And what can we do to make sure patient data remains easy to reach but well protected at the same time? The answer lay in virtualizing Plantein’s main IT infrastructure and developing a more flexible desktop environment.

Nowadays a look inside Plantein’s data room will reveal Dell PowerEdge servers running VMware and Dell EqualLogic storage, and a tour of the offices will highlight a growing number of Dell OptiPlex™ FX160 desktops running Citrix XenApp. Staff have lightning-quick access to patient data while IT has the desktop environment locked down tight with all data and apps held centrally. Ask anyone what they think of the IT service and they’ll say it’s incredibly responsive since management is done remotely.

I think that Bert-Jan Albersen, IT Team Leader at Plantein summarises it neatly: “With the Dell OptiPlex FX160 desktops, we have created an easy-to-manage, energy-efficient virtual client environment that delivers high performance.”

Add to this the fact that Plantein has cut energy consumption, slashed management time by 66 per cent and gained disaster recovery, and you’ll see the engagement went well. There’s no doubt that the impact of these changes are filtering through to patients – which is fantastic. And we hope our work will continue with Plantein to keep on delivering great healthcare.

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