Adamo is Here

Adamo Thirteen Notebook It has been years in the making, months of glimpses and speculations and today, it is here – Adamo By Dell. If you have seen the Web site, or any of the advertisements it is pretty clear that Adamo By Dell is something totally different for us, and it’s something we couldn’t be more excited about bringing to the world.

By now you know that Adamo means “to fall in love with,” but you may not have known it was actually the code name for the product while it was in development, because that is what we were striving to create – something to fall in love with. Eventually we couldn’t fathom it having any other name, it just fit.Adamo (back view)

In looking at Adamo and what it stands for, take a look at the evolution of design from Dell over the last year and you will see we’ve made huge strides, and our depth and breadth offers a great deal of personalization. Today’s announcement continues that evolution and rounds out our offerings with Adamo at the design pinnacle from Dell. I’m particularly proud of the engineering team in putting the whole package together around performance, craftsmanship, and design to create something that you will really fall in love with.

Note: Click on either of these images to see a larger version. Or you can click here to see more photos on Dell’s Official Flickr page. And here are some photos of the Pearl Adamo from Brian Solis at SXSW.

Here’s a couple of videos for those who are interested. The first StudioDell gives an overview of Dell’s first product in the Adamo line and features insight from Nicolas Denhez, the creative director of our consumer industrial design team.


And the second highlights the packaging that Adamo customers will receive.

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  • HT82W8

    I'd like to see one in person, unfortunately as far as I know you have to buy it first from

  • DELL-Todd S

    You know, I'm not sure if the Adamo is going to be sold through retail stores like Best Buy or not.  I can ask around if you'd like.

  • HT82W8

    Sure, please let me know if its not too much trouble. It might be harder to sell a product that has such a design push behind it without being able to see and feel it in person first.

    For myself I need a laptop that is thin, light, performs well for travel and some around the home use not a desktop replacement. It will be carried with my photography equipment while travelling and mild Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver use. For that I think the XPS M1330 is suited best, however the 13.3" Macbook is better and the Macbook Air is a consideration. From what I see today, Adamo probably can't do all that I ask, though it looks better. This might be my first Mac. I am curious to see Adamo benchmark scores etc.

  • mike.c

    I really cant begin to some up how disapointed i actually am. We have this long teasing campaign while waiting for specs. In which dell executives said that in comparison to the macbook air "we'd be pleasantly suprised". Well im suprised but not pleasently!

    1.2ghz on the low end raising to 1.4ghz on the high end? That is awful! the macbook air has been out a year and when it was released had better processors (1.6ghz and 1.8ghz respectivly) Not to mention the macbook airs latest revision, which includes nvidia graphics! not in built intel.

    The prices seem disproportionate to what your getting. Especially when you figure in what you get with a macbook air. Cost isnt so much of an issue for me. If i like something then i buy it. But even im shocked at this.

    I was expecting AT LEAST a 1.8ghz processor. I can live with built in graphics, but again as i pointed out above. Apple already have nvidia in the air.

    All in all, a poorly drawn out campaign, I really hope holding out on the specs back fires on you!. I imagine there will be alot of disgruntled potential buyers. I myself will probrobly start looking back at the macbook air.

  • saintjames

    I don’t know
    where to start. As the president of a manufacturing company  I have owned
    various laptops for business over the years – Dell, Sony, Gateway,HP you name
    it. I like computers and I am very very picky and agonize over every purchase.
    A couple of years ago I made the switch to a Macbook Pro mainly because at the
    time it was the nicest laptop on the market. I ran Leopard and Vista with boot
    camp. We switched over MFG software so I needed to run vista more "full
    time" than I had been. When I started shopping for a new laptop I was
    HORRIBLY disappointed at my options compared to the quality of my Macbook Pro.
    I could not bring myself to switch to any windows based laptop – even though it
    was becoming more and more difficult not to. When the Adamo was introduced a
    couple months ago I was ecstatic. Finally something to compete with my Macbook
    – dare I say even beat my Macbook. On the surface the Adamo was by far the
    nicest looking laptop I had ever seen. And the quality (from early reports)
    looks like Dell was taking on Apple at its own game. When no specs or dates
    where released – I waited patiently hopping it would be worth the wait. And I
    waited, and I waited…with no info – dates or specs coming out. Being from MN
    and purchasing a company in CA I thought the smaller profile would be great for
    travel. By mid Feb – with no new Adamo info forthcoming – I started looking at
    the Macbook Air and the Voodoo envy as possible candidates. The Air was a whim
    since I knew it would not suit me because I needed – no HAD to have a Windows
    based machine – But is was just so fantastic and well made. The envy almost got
    my order, I had it placed online and all but I could not do it. I was less
    about the money then it was about actually paying that much for something that
    was so SLOW…. I changed my mind thinking – just be patient – Dell is onto something
    here – Surly the Adamo with be a game changer. It new and fresh – there is now
    way it will come out with 1.6 or 1.8 processors like the OLD Air and Envy. If
    they just have say a 2.0 or 2.2 GHz then I can justify the purchase. And I
    waited. And I waited. Finally on March 6th I placed an order for a
    Dell E6500 as I could wait no longer….. When I received the machine I was
    mocked endlessly from my family and friends. After all I was the cool hip tech
    guy that they all asked for computer advice. I tried to tell them that I was
    waiting for the Adamo ……and showed them pictures but it did not help. The E6500
    rocks as a computer – its design (not to be mean) is a joke compared to my
    apple. It’s a tank and it looks old. It’s plastically and cold and anything but
    cool. I could not believe my eyes yesterday when on engadget there was a leak
    the Adamo would be released the NEXT DAY. With my E6500 just days old I thought
    about returning it, selling it on ebay, giving it away anything to get the new
    Adamo.  I stayed up late waiting to find
    info – how fast was it – how much is it……11:40PM came the reply 1.2ghz for
    $1999.00.  Rats – a typo I thought as I went
    to bed. The next morning brought the sad truth – NOT a typo.

    Just when I
    thought Dell (or any PC maker for that matter) would finally give Apple and run
    for its money in the one area it could change (because the software issue is beyond
    their control) its drops the ball right before the game winning touchdown.  And I do mean game winning.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is for
    this fantastic piece of hardware to be such a massive letdown performance wise.
    Until today I could not find one negative thing said about the Adamo. Everyone
    was waiting for this – dare I say – like a Steve Jobs keynote. You had us sold…..Now
    read the blogs – nothing but negative comments. I agree that this quality is
    nothing like anything that has been built before but I cannot believe that it
    is SLOWER than technology that has been out for years. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I
    cannot tell you how disappointing this is. Needless to say I will be keeping my
    E6500.  In all seriousness please contact
    me I would love to discuss this further. I am not telling anyone how to do there jobs but if your really want a informed end users input I would welcome the discussion.

    Thanks for


  • hht001

    i like the design of adamo. it's pretty. the video clips and close up images look intriguing. but i too got disappointed to learn about the specs and price. 13-inch Mac never looked so cheap for what you're getting.

    The aluminum 13-inch MacBook.


    • Intel Core 2 Duo

    • 2GB DDR3 Memory

    • 160GB hard drive1

    • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics

    • Standard keyboard

    • Aluminum unibody

    • Free Shipping

    • $1,299.00

  • Mr_Zero

    2300 USD – Not in this economy.  Nothing more than a giant netbook.  Looks nice, but not price/function realistic.  IMHO

  • mike.c

    Right, forget about price, im a firm believer in COST/WORTH ratios. What something costs is not always linked to its worth to the consumer. In this case. the design is premium and i love it. i really do… several times today ive nearly bought a pearl white model. but every time i go to the check out. i just remember the specs. and the fact that my m1330, with nvidia graphics, 3gb of ram and a 2.5ghz C2D sometimes struggles with vista. Id imagine that the adamo is constantly in death throws with vista, fans a whirring.

    I understand that for you "dell" there is no comparison between the adamo and macbook air. But for us consumers, who will never actually get to touch the adamo unless we buy one, its different we are going to compare what is basicly for us an extremely similar product.

    2 years in development and the best you could do was a 1.4ghz C2D? come on? Thats ridiculous…. No dedicated graphics? Not even an option?  awful…

    Also, its being banded about as "the worlds thinnest laptop" that statement is questionable. If adamo 13 is thinner than the macbook air its marginal. So why was apple able to fit the spec they did into a macbook air? While my favourite company dell wasnt able to come close?

  • adamo1

    Could not agree more with HT82W8 & Saint James (Robin), their points are right on.

    I was waiting anxiously for the Adamo, could not wait to finally carry an elegant PC. I expected to pay more for it. However, it's a dissapointment. I was hoping that the display resolution would match the Thinkpad X301 (1440×900). Integrated graphics is no issue, but 1.2GHz for the processor seems low. I love the new MacBook, but was hoping to stick with Dell. I thought the Adamo was finally it, the pictures look great but unfortunately, the specs could have been a little better. I applaud Dell for trying, but they missed the mark. Might go with the X301 Thinkpad (unless there are more Adamo variations coming), the trackpoint is certainly a bonus, love the trackpoint on my Latitude D620. Thank you for blogging. Keep up the conversation.

  • HT82W8

    I was interested in this machine and held off a purchase. Now that the specs are out, you are paying for LUST not LOVE. She looks good on the outside but is a let down on the inside and she's too high maintenance ($$$$) to just enjoy the outside. Good luck Dell, I'd like to hear how this one pans out. As for me, I think I'm going MacBook Air or a regular Macbook. Those are something to LOVE and LUST over. It's really too bad the only thing to be excited about was reveiled more than two months ago.

  • HT82W8

    I have something else to say. I can't believe this machine starts at $2500 CDN for what it is. I would really have liked to sit in on the marketing and product development meetings and listen. This machine is far more expensive than Macbook, Macbook Air and encroaching on Macbook Pro territory. Now I know it is meant to compete with the Macbook Air, but that machine is proven, has better specs, has OSx and the Mac image. So how does Dell think they can compete with a machine that is more expensive, offers less in the way of performance and comes with Vista. They should have made SSD an option as with the Air and the price should have been slightly below the Air and for sure far more people would have wanted Adamo. The people that buy it at its current price care only about appearances. 

  • hangoooo

    nice product, but I can´t see the difference to the lifebook q 2010, launched 2 years ago

    (Please visit the site to view this video)



  • DELL-Todd S

    Hi everyone,

    With Lionel out at SXSW this week I thought I'd respond and try to answer some of your questions.

    Adamo is a new product line for us, and while many people are comparing it to other thin and light laptops on the market,  that’s not really its intent. The Adamo is about quality of style and craftsmanship, not just the technical specs.  We have created ultralight notebooks, such as the Latitude E4200, but the Adamo is about more than just that – it’s inspiration came from the design and engineering behind Swiss watches, fine writing utensils and  automobiles.  The Adamo features a precision designed, one piece, aircraft aluminum frame that provides it with more rigidity than most laptops of its small size. Its design and modeling provide more elegance than just about any comparable product on the market.

    Don’t be mislead by just the specs alone.  For Adamo, we opted to use low-voltage processors. Doing so meant we still get solid performance and optimal battery life of about 5 hours in a super slim (.65-inch) form factor.  The Adamo also has several full size ports (2 USB, 1 eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet and DisplayPort) that allows it to fit in with any lifestyle.

    If you are looking for price or all-out performance  take a look at our Studio XPS or Alienware notebooks. 

  • HT82W8


    I understand the design aspects of this machine. You mention it is not the intent to compare to other similar laptops on the market. Unfortunately Adamo isn't the first one piece aluminum elegantly constructed notebook on the market. Let's be realistic, an educated computer buyer is going to compare it with a Macbook and Macbook Air. Both of those in all honesty are very similar as far as build quality and design are concerned, any further aesthetic comparisons come down to personal preference. The fact is that the educated computer buyer is going to compare the two and I believe Apple comes out on top and the Macbook air is 1 lb lighter and the Macbook is 0.5 lbs heavier than Adamo and Apple has the image that is coveted in the computer industry. I believe for Adamo to stack up to that competition it had to be cheaper and have better or at least equivalent components. I think Dell has tried to create another market of notebooks, I don't think it'll fly, Dell wasn't the first and it seems the strategy is to sell on design and luxury. Why buy Adamo when the Macbooks give equally compelling design, luxury, performance, robust OS, and the I have a MacBook feeling. I had hoped I would have had an Adamo, but I am an educated computer buyer who likes style and design with performance and I can't choose Adamo.

    Question is; are there enough buyers out there who don't understand computer specifications and who buy solely on aesthetics.


  • DELL-Todd S


    I absolutely get what you're saying and in a way I agree with you, to a point.  But it's up to us to educate the potential customers on how Adamo is different than other notebook offerings.   There are differences, and in my opinion important ones, about Adamo that reviewing weights and speeds just isn't going to accentuate. 

    Is the Adamo for everyone?  I don't think so, but I was playing with one for a few minutes this morning and just from picking it up and looking at it I could see that there is a different "feel" about it.  I think once people get their hands on them and get to experience the Adamo they'll begin to agree.

  • Athenian

    I'm really tired of reading comparisons to the MacBook Air. I have been looking for a replacement for my almost 4-year old X300 and unfortunately, this isn't it.

    I wish Dell would focus on the requirements of its own customer base. 2 months ago I returned an E4300 (the screen on the E4200 is too small) because it was too heavy and now I see that the Adamo is just as heavy. I don't want a limited function netbook with a screen that is too small to see anything; I want a full function notebook that weighs less than 3 pounds. In other words, I want an updated X300.

  • laura44a

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