Addressing Climate Change Together


sunrise Climate change is adversely affecting our planet. The consequences also impact our business, from our suppliers and our operations, to our customers.

Firstly, we have to own our part of it.  The manufacturing and use of our products has an environmental footprint.   This is why we are committed to reducing our footprint, increasing the energy efficiency of our products and moving toward more renewable energy sources where possible.

The effects of climate change also put our business at risk, most notably an increase in the frequency of severe weather events and an increase in water stress in the regions where our suppliers operate.

The risk to Dell, though, is not the most important driver of our work. For many of our customers, the concern is not whether climate change will affect them, but more about when. These customers will need technology to solve big challenges, and we will be there to help them.

With the merger of Dell and EMC, we had an opportunity to review and update our climate change policy. Our Climate Policy Principles document, which we updated earlier this year, represents the combined point-of-view of the two heritage companies, and clearly articulates our unwavering commitment to work to reduce the impact of climate change.

As political landscapes change, our point of view does not. We remain committed to our policies and the targets we’ve outlined as part of our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. You’ll even see new emission goals in our annual update coming later this month.

This is a global challenge that requires a global approach. We will continue to engage and address as one global team.

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3 thoughts on “Addressing Climate Change Together

  1. Given the administration’s unacceptable actions re: the Paris climate agreement, I hope that Michael Dell will consider following the principled decisions of his colleagues by withdrawing from the Presidential advisory council. While my company is not a large one, we have over 30 Dell products and have always expanded our use of Dell technology as our business continues to grow. We would look for other tech partners if Mr. Dell continues to work for, and hence enable and legitimize, the harmful actions of this administration. This is bigger than politics, and I hope he will follow the leads of Mr. Musk and Mr. Iger. Dell’s loyal customers will be watching. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. If Dell really cares about this issue, then Michael Dell should follow Elon Musk and Bob Iger’s example and leave Trump’s advisory council.

  3. You are correct — Algore for President. I noted that early this morning – it was cooler than yesterday evening, the sun was shining whereas I didn’t see it during the night. I cannot believe that here in the US early summer, it is much warmer than during December.
    I think I saw that my new XPS computer was made (assembled??) in Mehico. Mehico apparently doesn’t have the climate change thing going on there.
    Or maybe the residents there accept lower wages than in the US. 94 million US Americans not in the work force.

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