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Adrian Grenier and Dell Work to Create a Legacy of Good


Back in 2013, we launched the Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, which summarizes Dell’s strategy for bringing sustainability and business objectives together with solutions that benefit the environment and our customers. A big part of what we’re trying to do is to show what’s possible when businesses commit to social good and to inspire action by others. We’ve made a lot of progress but realized we needed a powerful voice to rise above the noise.

Dell Social Good Advocate Adrian Grenier and CMO Karen Quintos on stage discussing Dell's Legacy of Good

A year ago, we found that partner in actor, filmmaker, environmentalist, entrepreneur and social advocate Adrian Grenier. He became Dell’s first Social Good Advocate – and we believe it’s a first-of-its-kind partnership. It has been a great match so far. And we’re excited to announce that, based on our initial success together, we’re continuing to work together in 2016 to create a Legacy of Good. 

In this partnership, we look for opportunities to meet shared goals. One of Adrian’s clear passions is ocean conservation. In December 2015, he launched the Lonely Whale Foundation, a non-profit focused on bringing people closer to the world’s oceans through education and awareness. Dell is committed to using technology for good and has found several ways to support the Lonely Whale Foundation.

We produced the 360-degree virtual reality (VR) experience, “Cry Out: Lonely Whale Experience,” which transports viewers into the depths of the sea to experience the impact of manmade pollution from a whale’s point-of-view. Adrian was able to show it to Secretary of State John Kerry during the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP21 in Paris and to Katie Couric during the Sundance Film Festival. A great example of the power of storytelling and of reaching new audiences together.

We’re also announcing that we are conducting a feasibility study to determine the viability of using recycled plastics from oceans and waterways in Dell product packaging, which we hope to be able to. The feasibility study should be completed in six months, the results of which will determine whether we will be able to move to the pilot phase, which would take another approximately 4-6 months.

Our feasibility study benefits from our years of work in packaging and materials innovation, in building recycling infrastructure and general supply chain expertise that helps us to optimize processes and reduce costs. We are cautiously optimistic.

We are also holding a Legacy of Good Short Documentary Film Contest, encouraging filmmakers to create inspiring stories on the circular economy movement and the role of technology in creating a better future. The winner, which will be announced on Earth Day, is going to get to work closely with Adrian on the production of the film. Tell your filmmaker friends to get their entries in as the deadline is March 31.

Another creative project that got us excited this year was around America Recycles Day in November. Adrian, Dell, Goodwill and Uber came together to encourage more e-waste recycling in New York City by offering free pickup of old electronics. As part of this, Adrian hopped in a car and visited some lucky people’s homes to collect their old devices. By the end of the day, more than three tons of used electronics were collected, and many people were educated on the issue of e-waste and the process for recycling old electronics. Check out this highlights video.

Dell’s core value is about enabling human potential through technology. Just as technology has evolved, so has our corporate responsibility strategy. The Dell Social Good Advocate is solid proof of that. We look forward to continuing to work together to build a Legacy of Good and to work with all of you to do so.

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