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Alienware 18 Returns – Stronger Than Ever


Alienware notebooks have long set the standard for best-in-class mobile gaming. The Alienware 13, 15 and 17 are all built with a clear focus on performance, reliability and iconic design. From its earliest incarnation, the Alienware 18 boasted the same purpose-built approach, and when you looked under the hood, that’s really when your jaw dropped. Good news for fans of this legendary beast – the Alienware 18, one of the most powerful gaming notebooks ever created, is back for a limited time with its title intact.

Limited edition 2015 Alienware 18

This limited edition Alienware 18 will come packed with the option for either dual NVIDIA 970M GPU’s or dual NVIDIA 980M GPU’s. This is a big reason why we are reintroducing the Alienware 18. We’ve also updated the CPU’s with the latest 4th generation Intel K-series processors. Taking this one step further, all Alienware 18’s will come with an unlocked BIOS so any customer can tweak the OC settings of the already factory overclocked processors.   

The Alienware 18 has always been a defining product for Alienware and we’re stoked to bring back this limited edition model. A brilliant 18” display, overclocked and upgradeable socketed CPU, dual graphics, up to 32GBs of RAMM, up to 4 hard drives – all packed into one of the most iconic notebook designs on the market – it’s a thing of beauty.

Still the most powerful gaming notebook we’ve ever created, the most aggressive configurations we’ve ever assembled, and still, absolutely, one of my very favorites. If you’ve got an Alienware 18 or you’re ordering one now, jump on the Alienware Arena forums or take a pic, post a tweet #Alienware18returns

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