Alienware + HTC + Valve. Vive La Difference!


Virtual reality (VR) is rocketing into the next sphere in 2016, and there’s no better way to power that thrust than Alienware’s Vive Optimized PC’s. Today we’re excited to help amplify the announcement of the consumer edition of HTC’s Vive virtual reality system in partnership with Valve’s SteamVR game platform. For a premium VR experience, there’s no better way to prepare for the journey.

“Of all the virtual reality headsets out there, the HTC Vive feels most like what science fiction visionaries promised us in the ‘80s and ‘90s,” said Adi Robertson on The Verge.

Pre-order now and you’ll be at the front of the line to receive your system when the Vive hardware comes out in April. Get ready to have your world expanded, because HTC & Valve plan to deliver a full-room VR experience with a sleek-looking Vive set-up that “builds upon the innovative features that were introduced into the Vive Pre."

When you preorder, you’ll get the headset, two wireless controllers, and two base stations enabling 360° room-scale motion-tracking. To take your VR experience to the next level, the Area-51 is a top pick to power this premium VR experience, with its iconic industrial design and its long standing reputation for exceptional performance and quality.

Why is Area-51 perfect for Vive? Long a fan favorite as Alienware’s flagship performance PC, it’s won its way into the hearts of gamers with its massive performance, unique customization options, iconic triad design, quiet operating modes and world-class quality, making the Area-51 the most popular Alienware system for gaming events and tournaments around the world.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more affordable PC, the Alienware X51 features a new custom liquid CPU cooling solution reducing noise output, and pushes the latest 6th-gen Intel Core i5K and i7K unlocked processors to peak performance. Gamers can experience the X51’s impressive Nvidia GTX 970 graphics and can now enjoy 4k gaming when connected to the Alienware Graphics Amplifier and a 4k display (each sold separately), supporting discrete GPUs options up to the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X. Also now with Windows 10 and DirectX 12, the latest Alienware X51 can power even more realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, especially during VR experiences.

Along with our partnership with Oculus, we know that this new generation of VR gear from HTC and Valve opens a door to a brave new world.

“While I was certainly excited to have some alone time with the HTC Vive — it’s consistently wowed us with demos over the past year — I wasn’t expecting such an emotional response,” said engadget’s Devindra Hardawar after spending time with the HTC Vive Pre.

But with all doors, there may be a squeak or two. Our mission at Alienware is to deliver the most turnkey VR experiences that make it easy for gamers and enthusiasts alike to jump in and enjoy.  Vive Optimized PC’s are another step in that direction.  Vive Optimized means that your PC configuration has been tested and meets the threshold for a great VR experience.  Additionally, extra testing will allow us to find the bugs and pitfalls first and let customers know what to avoid and how to quickly troubleshoot and support you. At Alienware, we’ve always been focused on our community, your experience and, most importantly, your feedback. From pre-order through delivery and beyond, we want to know your thoughts. After all, virtual reality is only as good as the real world behind it.

So get ready to say “Vive La Difference!” If you aren’t a member of Alienware Arena, sign up and make sure you don’t miss anything! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @Alienware and be sure to sign on and watch our Twitter stream for the latest updates.

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2 thoughts on “Alienware + HTC + Valve. Vive La Difference!

  1. Dear Frank,

    This feels like a message in a bottle but I hope it finds you well.

    I’m writing to you on behalf of the community of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.

    Later this year we’ll be launching our time-travelling VR experience which will allow our town’s visitors to travel back over 8,000 years of history.

    A little about what you’ll get to experience:

    In chronological order, they’ll first visit our most ancient landscape that has long been lost to the sea: A world where hunter gather groups lived among extinct animals over 8000 years ago.

    Their journey through time will then take them to the Iron Age Fort and ancient capital of West Wales. They’ll explore a period in history before the arrival of the Romans where ancient Welsh chieftains ruled.

    Next, we move into the Dark Ages, a time after the Romans had left the British Isles. Only Wales & Ireland, at this time, remained as Celtic Christian outposts as the kingdoms of England had been overrun by pagan Germanic tribes. This is the setting of our next story: at the ancient monastic site of St. Padarn whose Celtic library made Aberystwyth a place of great learning.

    We move now into a time of war between the Norman invaders and the native Welsh princes and to Aberystwyth’s first true Castle. 6 times it was built and 6 times it was razed to the ground through fire and blood. It changed hands between the warring factions on every occasion.

    Finally, our journey ends at a time when Wales lost its fight for independence and the King of England famed in the film Braveheart conquered Wales and set about building Aberystwyth’s final and greatest castle, together with a town wall, to defend its English inhabitants from the native Welsh.

    There is no town in the whole of the UK that can boast such a rich history and never have all the historical sites been brought together as one unified VR experience anywhere else.

    We aim to launch in August. The project is publicly-funded, and there lies our technological problem: while we have access to sufficient funding for the project, the nature of the funding doesn’t allow us to buy hardware. We aim to provide the most incredible experience and yet we don’t have access to the most powerful VR PCs.

    I began developing this project 3 years ago on my Alienware laptop and if it wasn’t for the power and mobility of the machine the project would have never have happened.

    Myself and the community of Aberystwyth together with archaeologists and historians are asking if there is an opportunity for us to work together?

    I wish for the VR exhibition to be powered by Alienware, for time travel itself to be powered by the most fantastic VR machines on the planet and to demonstrate the cutting-edge example that your PCs bring to VR and that, with your support, bring Time Travel to the coastal town of Aberystwyth.

    Diolch am eich amser, a’ch ystyriaeth o’m llythyr.

    English translation from Welsh: Thank you for your time and consideration of my letter

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert Gapper

    <Email id removed>

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