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An EcoGeek at CES 2008 – Day 1


When Dell asked me to guest blog for them at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas I knew I was in for something interesting… a show for an industry renowned for planned obsolescence, held in a city that leaves the lights on every night, seems like a weird place to unveil a new thrust in their green campaign. Then again, there's no sense in preaching to the choir… Given the size of the audience (over 140,000 in attendance) and the green thrust CES is making this year maybe it's the perfect place to move the Green Technology dialogue forward!

Similar to their booth at OpenWorld 2007, the Dell booth at CES has large, clear Plexiglass walls upon which attendees can write out their answers to the question "What Does Green Mean to You? We're listening." Though bigger than last time, they're beginning to fill up on the first day. It's a real kick to be here in person and see some of the additions to the display, including the Dell logo on a background of live grass, hanging on a wall made of Kirei Board – a green building material manufactured from discarded agricultural fiber. Everything here is Earth friendly, from the floor to the incredibly comfortable Eames Chairs. For an in-depth description of the materials used for the booth, check out this PDF.

Dell spokesman Sean Donahue has been hinting at something big to be released here during the show, and we'll be keeping you updated on that front, as well as providing video from both big-ticket presentations and attendees on the conference floor. If you're at the show, stop by booth #21854 located in the Sustainable Technologies TechZone of South Hall 1 in the Las Vegas Convention Center and say "Hi!"

I'll be reporting on some of the other things at CES of interest to the sustainability crowd, so be sure to check back in the coming days.

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