An Introduction


In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing more about the inspiration and perspiration behind Adamo by Dell, and thought you might want to know a bit more about who I am. I am Vice President of Consumer Experience & Design at Dell, and each day I try to bring my passion for craftsmanship, style and design to Dell’s consumer products.


Passion is actually what brought me here from NIKE – passion for Dell’s heritage, and the possibilities ahead.  I loved the idea that the company that created the “built-to-order” model for PCs is transforming and pioneering the “made-for-me” model. 


I think the path I’m on is truly in my genes. My grandma was an artist and she always encouraged me to draw, create and make. She inspired me to create products that were both beautiful and functional and to truly enjoy the process.  Her voice is definitely still with me, and part of what I am doing at Dell is not only creating quality products, but hopefully providing others with the opportunity to continue to create and express.


It’s not all about me though, there is a team of committed, passionate people around the world at Dell who working to create expressive products to you.

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3 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I like the design you and your team have come up with. I am anxious to see one in person. I am travelling Europe/UK in May and looking for a ultra portable laptop to purchase. I really hope Adamo is available before my trip, otherwise it might be a Macbook Air, though the price and specs is a bit of a turn off. A laptop like Adamo would be important for me because I will be carrying it daily with my photography equipment so weight is a huge consideration. Perhaps Dell would like to let me try one out on my trip, which I can then pay for once it is available.

  2. Version:1.0

    few months ago I would have been quick to offer up the opinion that I
    would never, in the entirety of my life, purchase a Dell computer.
     My reasoning at the time was simple: I did not want to own a
    plastic box.  I had noticed, over the past year, that dell was
    certainly attempting to improve the product design on certain of
    their consumer products (namely XPS systems).  Still, these
    efforts, while welcome, failed to impress me when compared to the
    offerings of HP/Voodoo, Sony, and Apple.  

    understand that the name Adamo is derived from the Latin adamo (-are)
    meaning "to fall in love with".  I will admit that
    this is quite an apt name, as far as my interest in the product is
    concerned.  Since seeing the first images out of CES I have
    counting the days (metaphorically, since no release date is publicly
    known) until I can order mine.

    this leads me to a dilemma: I am not sure whether I like the
    Silver/White or the Black model more.  Although there are
    extensive photo galleries of each, and even side-by-side comparisons
    online, I don't think I could make the choice over the internet: I
    would really like to be able to see the machines in person.  Now
    I realize that Dell does not have stores (nor would it be in the
    company's tax interests to open any), but it would be very helpful if
    a few demonstration models could be set up – perhaps in some high end
    fashion retailers in major cities. This would have the added effect
    of bringing the laptop to the attention of the fashion set who might
    not (as I once did) think Dell to be capable of such a feat.

    any event, spectacular job on the Adamo Thirteen, and I look forward
    to all of the future Adamo products. (And it would be amazing if
    Dell could roll out the Adamo this month!)

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