Andi Karaboutis, Chief Information Officer, has big plans for IT


A few weeks ago, Dell hosted a CIO Think Tank in conjunction with CIO Magazine’s CIO Leadership Event in Boca Raton, Florida.  The session, which included a group of CIOs representing different industries, discussed the role technology is playing to lead a transformational agenda within an organization as well as challenged the role that IT leaders play in unlocking human capability that will enable companies to grow and thrive in an ever challenging economy. There are critical components that must be taken into account to enable CIOs to dismantle the walls between strategy, process and execution, and organizations who are able to base technology investment on what the company is trying to achieve versus delivering IT to solve a point in time problem will drastically impact how an organization can react and respond to the market.  

Following is a video interview in which Brian Gladden, Dell’s Senior Vice President & CFO and Adriana “Andi” Karaboutis, Dell’s Chief Information Officer, discuss how Dell is using technology to transform business.

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