Another Europe Vostro Keyboard Update


Last week, we started getting comments from customers like Tiggert and Bryan who ordered Vostro laptops in June that shipped with the wrong keyboard layout (the same one Bill blogged about in May). Since we addressed the issue back then, most Vostro laptops shipped out with the updated keyboard.

However, earlier this month, we shipped a limited number of Dell
Vostro 1310 and 1510 laptops in the UK and Italy with a non-standard
keyboard layout. A small number of customers were impacted. To rectify
the issue, Dell will be contacting all these customers to replace the

How did this happen a second time? In May, we revised the keyboard
layout of the Vostro 1310 and 1510 models following customer feedback.
Miscommunication of this change to one of our suppliers meant that in
June we received a small number of parts that were not to our

We appreciate all the feedback we are getting here on this issue and
I’m sorry that we’ve had a second problem on the keyboard layout. We
have now added additional quality control measures in our procurement

Next steps for those who are affected? We need to replace your
keyboard. We will be contacting everyone this week. If you have any
questions, or you don’t want to wait, please contact us via e-mail, at [email protected].

Please use the words Vostro Keyboard in the subject line. Here is the information we need from you in the e-mail:

  • Name
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Order Number
  • Service Tag Number
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2 thoughts on “Another Europe Vostro Keyboard Update

  1. _tech_guru_papa_

    Everybody Windows vista is also causing lots of boot issues, so I often
    get questions like this: I have a Dell Dimension, which won’t boot to
    Windows (Vista), and none the repair options work: Startup repair:
    Reports fix fail due to problem with registry System Restore: Reports
    no restore points available Windows Complete PC Restore: Reports no
    backups available Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: No memory problems
    Command Prompt. Can’t think of any appropriate command to use here. So
    I booted with the system DVD (as one would with XP) but the upgrade
    option has been greyed don’t want to do a clean install. I want to fix
    existing installation. What should I do?
    ———————————————————— And here
    is the answer: You can't do a 'repair install' because you need to
    launch the Vista DVD from within Windows, not, as you have been doing,
    booting straight from the DVD; that is why the 'upgrade' is greyed out.
    If you cannot launch Vista and none of the fix options will work a
    clean install is the only other option. To save problems in future it
    is actually a good idea to image the hard drive, using software like
    True Image. What I do is install operating system, download all
    updates, check system I working okay for a day or two, activate system,
    then create image of the whole drive/partition. Any time I get a
    problem I can re-image the drive/partition quickly and be up and
    running without much trouble. And minor repairs are done by using any
    registry repair utility, there are plenty of them on the market today.
    Cheers, Carl


    been exactly 8 days since i last posted my problem here and it's been
    almost 2 months now since i'm having this problem. i just can't imagine
    how on earth is it difficult for you guys to reach me (email,call)
    since you have all the technical rep to customer representative
    scattered all over the world handling escalated calls and emails that
    is working 24/7?

    please im begging you, whoever you are if you see this message,
    PLEASE try to do something in helping one of your desperate clients
    that is helping your company stay in the market.

    i think i'd shift to news media (cnn, nbc, bbc) about this. it seems
    this haven't reached the media yet. it will surely leave a mark on your
    company. im not threatening. but where else would i go to if you won't
    listen and help me with your defective product?




    haven't got any reply (call, messages,etc)…it's exactly 3am here in
    bahrain and still with the same problematic keyboard…

    i think i'm the only one left with this problem…pls help!


    mr. robert of dell's blog team.i've already replied to your message and
    have sent the details that you've requested. have you recieved it? i've
    even sent the same reply to your manager ms. natalie.

    i really wanted this problem i'm
    having be resolved at all expense even if it needs me to wake up in the
    middle of the night just to entertain your call.

    i've also took the liberty of including my address in the message that i've sent to you if in case you'll be deciding to replace
    the keyboard which i'm guessing since there is no dell office here in bahrain.

    i'm really eager to hear something from you or anyone from dell
    who's responsible in resolving this mess i've been having to my dell
    vostro laptop 1310.


    ps. my mobile phone is always right beside me (beside my pillow)
    when i sleep, dreaming that someday someone from dell would call and
    try to reach me. please anyone help me!



    chris posadas carino

    dear sir/ madam,

    is this thread still active?

    I'm chris by the way and i'm currently working here in Bahrain (Middle East Asia). I've purchased a dell vostro 1310
    last june 14 as a birthday gift. i personally didn't noticed the
    keyboard problem after a bios update from dell's website on july 11.
    after the update and restart, my nightmare has started. the keys
    zxcvbn… have acting strangely, it's as if the letters were improperly
    printed on the keys. i've done everything i could to fix it and upon
    reaching my wit's end i gave up and call the place where i bought my
    dell vostro and told
    me to come and visit their shop again to have the laptop checked. upon
    checking, the technician gladly admitted it is indeed a hardware
    problem—keyboard and the warranty covers it. the technician said to
    me that they would send my vostro to their agent since there is no dell
    office here in bahrain they couldn't do anything but call their dell
    supplier or where they've purchased it or whoever he is, i really don't have any idea. the technician
    just told me that i should wait for 10-15 days to have my laptop fix.

    i waited, and yesterday after 14 days i called the shop where i bought
    my vostro to follow up on the progress and was very happy knowing that
    my laptop was ready already for pick-up. later, little did i know that
    my happiness was shortlived. indeed the letters from z,x,c,v,b,n…
    were right when i typed them but the remaining characters such as <,
    >. appears when i press (shift)  (,) or (.) in between (m) and (/).
    and the key beside the right shift key which is () when pressed with a
    shift key it shows this key (|). to add, the same response i get when i
    pressed shift a key right before the enter key but on the key it says
    (~ and `) and when i pressed the key on top of my tab key which
    originally says (< >) but when pressed it types this (` ~)
    instead of this (< >).

    is what i've discovered since yesterday, i've given up going back to
    that shop anymore where i bought my laptop. they barely know how to
    speak english except for the words " ok, excellent, good quality" when
    you want to buy from them but after that your'e own your own. they've
    even managed to put a dozen of scratches on my laptop! and some
    are quite deep!!!

    im not an arab that's why i don't speak arabic
    which is their language, i barely know people here since i'm new and
    besides the fact i'm from a different country. i was really thankful
    that i saw this thread on the dell forum and was given even a single
    ray of hope…

    i'm just hoping you could send me a keyboard
    replacement with the appropriate bios or driver update that matches the
    keyboard and i will replace the keyboard myself as i don't plan to have
    my laptop leave my sight anymore.

    i've been to some shops lately and saw some new units of vostro 1310
    with a letter b on it. it may be some revision of this unit i'm holding
    on and how i dearly wished i have the same model on my hands right now.
    i tried selling my vostro at a low price so i could buy the new model
    but unfortunately i'm unlucky.aside from the fact that the keyboard is
    partially functional the scratches that my laptop had attained from the
    repair it been through recently has added to it's unworthiness by my
    suspected buyers. i'm guessing too that probably when i plan to upgrade
    my os from xp to vista in a few months time i'll be experiencing the
    same z,x,c,v,b,n… letter problems as before. i believed the kind of
    "repair" they made is isn't the actual solution to the problem and it
    can just be a adhoc solution or simply a software of some sort, who
    knows? but one thing is for sure, unless i can't have the real keyboard
    replacement for my vostro i'll be haunted by this same problem over and
    over again…

    hoping for your kind response on this matter.

    respectfully yours'


    ps: i've sent an email already to this address: ([email protected]) regarding this problem and attaching the details you need.  



    Hi,  I bought 3 Vostro 1510 computers (KMM15373978I57L0KM).  Dell
    took the money and shipped them knowing they did not work.  I offered
    to replace the keyboards myself requesting that Dell send clear
    instructions on how to do it.  They sent the keyboard and the disk but
    no instructions.  They should also have included the little screw
    driver and scribe required.  What would have been so hard about that? 

    That's the last time we'll use Dell !



    Harvey Leslie

    I've just sent a message about my missing keyboard to [email protected]).

    I wonder what the response will be.


    STILL no call or Email.

    I've emailed requesting a Keyboard or a refund – no reply. We have been waiting weeks for this.

    I'm sure Dell are now taking the mick.

    If you have no Keyboard – sort me out a refund.

    Seriously unimpressed. Trading standards will be my next move.

    HOW HARD CAN IT BE????!!!!!


    William Robinson

    emailed to notify of this fault mid June and received a response
    quickly listing the options for repair. I replied straight away saying
    to send a keyboard out to me and I would install it. Three weeks on and
    no replacement keyboard, very disappointing.


    Another update from me.  First I want to say thank you for your comments – we have escalated all your cases internally.

    are continuing to work evenings and weekends. We have in progress
    resolutions for just over three quarters of those customers who
    are affected. We are now into our fourth and fifth round of calls to
    reach customers.

    If you have not been called please contact us via this email address ([email protected]) and we’ll escalate your case.

    Thank you to everyone for your continued patience.



    Andrea Picucci

    i'm still waiting to be contacted by a Dell engineer to make an
    appointment. On June 26th I was told it would take a few days – but i'm
    still waiting. This really isn't good enough! I will email
    [email protected] now. I wont be buying Dell again after this


    Peter McDonald

    ordered my vosto 1310  and got it 2 months ago. Still no one as
    contacted me in regards to getting this fixed, even though I was told
    they would in several emails. Is this some kind of joke ?


    Hi Farhan, As I've just sent in my email – thanks for bringing this to my attention. We'll be in touch soon.



    update on this from me – we have in progress resolutions for just under
    two thirds of those who were affected by this issue. We’ll be
    continuing to call customers over the weekend.


    are now on our third round of phone calls to customers. If you have not
    been called or have picked-up a voice mail from us, please contact us
    via this email address (
    [email protected]) and we’ll escalate your case.


    Thank you to everyone for your feedback and continued patience. We hope to have all this resolved next week.


    bough my 1510 more than two months ago and while at the earlier stages
    i was in communication with support for a replacement keyboard, they
    seem to have just blanked me out and totally ignored me.. ive sent out
    3 emails within the last 3 weeks and have not received a single reply.

    im absolutely fed up that i cant use my laptop two months after i
    bought it. Im going to call and ask for a full refund today and i
    honely don't care about whatever maximum length of time they have on
    their reutn policy cause as far as im concerned, they shipped a faulty


    Kerry Bridge ,  what happened to the 48 hours and you will get the
    reponse email I received on 25th june , where is the response I've been
    using Dell in Pakistan for long and this 1310 Vostro has cut by
    productivity in half now I've to go through every word to check for

    the email I received on 25th June is as follows kindly I need the feedback




    Thank you for your email


    I apologise for the delay in responding. We will contact within 48 hours to arrange a solution to this issue



    Dell Quality Team


    Original Message Follows: ————————

    Dear Sir / Madam ,  

    I have recently received a Dell Vostro 1310 –  Work Order # 2715XXXXX  , Service Tag #  FMXXXXX,  kindly send me the replacement keyboard along with BIOS so that I can make it suitable for my use .  In case you have a service center based in Pakistan , I can also take it there to get it replaced .    


     Awaiting your positive response   







    keyboard finally arrived on Tuesday.  Note that, even though your rep
    told me that it would arrive on Thursday last week, it wasn't even
    despatched until Monday.

    I've purchased dozens of Dell machines on behalf of employers and clients over the years.  Never again.


    Well I did get a phone call last week after my comment, but nothing since, and another week has passed.

    I'll be ringing Dell later today for a refund – this is just not acceptable.


    Hi Kelly,

    I received my laptop this morning with the wrong keyboard. I have
    sent you an email, but placing a post here in case it doesn't get

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Still no news….two weeks up now.


    no good contacting 100% of your customers when you're lying to them.  I
    was promised a keyboard would be delivered on Thursday.  Now Monday has
    been and gone with no sign of one.  You can contact me all you want. 
    if you don't do what you say it's an utter waste of my time and just
    makes you look even worse.


    Greg – I'm sorry – We will be in touch soon.

    Hi John – Thanks for the feedback. I
    agree that we need to give more regular updates. With this in
    mind, below is an update and a response to the questions you have
    raised. Also we'll provide another update on Wednesday.
    I want to clarify that the Dell individuals calling customers have
    been working outside normal business hours to contact our customers on
    this issue (this was until 9.30/10 pm on weeknights).
    In terms of how many customers we have contacted – last week we both emailed and phoned 100% of customers who were affected. 
    i. We
    have directly connected to just under fifty percent of these customers
    and have either resolved these cases or have resolutions underway. 
    The remaining customers that we were unable to reach by phone, we left
    voicemails for (where possible). Now we are concentrating on contacting
    these customers in our second and third round of calls.
    want to assure you that this is a top priority for us. Kelly, Bill and
    myself have been trying to be open and transparent about what we're
    doing here.  We have been humbled by the responses from many of our
    customers. Understandably this is not an issue that our customers
    expect from Dell, but they are giving us the chance to fix this. 
    Thank you. The feedback we get from our customers helps us to do better. – KerryatDell 


    What do I have to do to get a working laptop, seriously?   Give me my money back, please.


    Dell were as concerned as they claim to be to sort out this mess whay
    have they not been working evenings and weekends to alleviate the
    severe problems they have visited upon loyal (maybe not for much
    longer) customers for an entirely unacceptable period of time. I'd also
    like Dell to come clean about just how many customers have been
    affected by this problem. Given the amount of time taken it cannot be
    the few they claim So Kelly what does "Limited Number" equate to 5 OR
    50 OR 5000 or what?
    Also Kelly you are not sufficiently visible in this matter very little
    feedback from you. How about a daily update along the lines of "…
    today we resolved the Vostro keyboard problem for x number of clients
    … tomorrow's target is y ….."


    Keyboard watch – day 2.

    Hi Kelly & Kerry,

    I was promised a keyboard on Thursday.  No keyboard on Thursday.

    I hoped for the keyboard on Friday.  No keyboard on Friday.

    But thanks again for appreciating my feedback, that's the important thing after all.


    least you have received a response … I have received nothing at all,
    Dell's performance in this matter has to date been entirely


    Perhaps Kelly Curnow would care to respond and tell us why it is
    taking so long to sort this out for a small number (She claims??) of


    Hello Kelly,

    I'm pleased that you appreciate my feedback.  However, I was called
    by one of your representatives on Tuesday, following my message here,
    who told me that a new keyboard would be with me on Thursday.  Guess
    what?  Thursday has been and gone.  No keyboard.  Your appreciation is
    not terribly useful to me.  What I need is a keyboard.



    consideration on the issue with my faulty laptop.  I paid the best part
    of £300 for a faulty laptop, I know its not much compared to a lot of
    others.  I was then told, after lots of phone calling at my expense,
    that I was going to be made a priority to get my laptop repaired.  I
    was supposed to be called within 24 hours to arrange a day and time to
    get it repaired.  This never happened.
      Instead I received an email, from Dell, admitting the laptop is
    faulty.  Then the email went on to say that I could be sent the new
    part and replace it myself !!  Or wait the best part of a month to
    arrange a time to get the repair done.
      I paid for a New Working item, not a FAULTY laptop, in need of repair.  To say I'm not happy, is an understatement.
      My old laptop (an acer) stopped working, this is why I got a new
    one from Dell.  I was told Dell would be a decent company to deal
    with.  This is far from the truth at the moment.  I have been promised
    things from tech support, which just haven't delivered.  Phone calls
    that I have never received.
      At the moment I need to have use of a computer every day.  Trying to use the keyboard is very annoying.


    Andrea Picucci

    I too have a Vostro 1510 shipped around a week ago with the wrong keyboard but the correct Bios.

    I received a telephone call from Dell today who told me they could
    send me a replacement keyboard out in the post which I could fit myself
    as per the instructions on Dell's website. Otherwise they would contact
    me in a few days to make an appointment for an engineer to come out.

    A pointless call to be honest, seeing as I have received this
    information by email and by the fact they couldn't make an appointment
    for an engineers visit there and then – oh, no – I have to wait for
    another call in another couple of days for that!

    It seems to me that Dell are stalling for time while they sort out
    the 'small number of customer' that have been affected. I am not




    Seven days, six phone calls, three emails
    to EMEA_TS_PFR, three more emails to other service reps. STILL no phone
    call to ask for an appointment to fix this.

    Am I not justified by law to claim a full refund of the extra amount I've paid for a next business day warranty?



    / Richard – thank you for bringing these cases to our attention. I've
    escalated and we'll be in touch tomorrow (if not before).

    Ricky – Sorry for the wait and thank you for contacting us
    and giving us the opportunity to fix the problem. An agent will contact
    you tomorrow to confirm the postage of the keyboard. 

    Kind regards, Kerry


    I too have a Vostro 1510 shipped in June with the wrong keyboard but the correct Bios. its been sat here now for two weeks
    waiting a new keyboard, but nothing. Absolutely disgraceful. If I hear
    nothing within 24 hours, I'll be expecting a full refund.

    The end user, a company Director, isn't too chuffed. It will be
    interesting what he says when we go to him with our new major desktop
    replacement scheme later in the year…





    Dear Kerry,

    It appears that you are testing the patience of many customers, I
    have sent emails to that particular email address since last week and
    only received a reply today. I specifically stated in many of my emails
    to you that I wanted a keyboard kit as I didn't have time take more
    days off work to wait for your engineers.

    Instead I received a "generic" reply which addressed none of my
    concerns, an email that basically stated what was written in this blog
    and that I have to wait another 14 days just to received a telephone

    I don't understand why this issue is not being dealt with as a
    matter of high priority. We are customers that have chosen to give you
    (another) oppurtunity to correct the problem instead of requesting an
    immediate refund and taking our business elsewhere.

    Please explain why it is such a hassle to sort out this mess? I just
    fail to see how difficult it can be by just popping a keyboard in the
    post for me. It is very annoying that I have to urge you and waste my
    own time to correct a problem that was ENTIRELY your fault.




    e-mailed the suggested e-mail address with all appropriate details on
    Monday morning and still not heard anything, nor any recognition of
    receipt. Can this be escalated/ followed up also please?


    Thank you for your comment. There seems to be a misunderstanding here.
    We are offering our customers replacement keyboards and are open to
    discussing refunds where appropriate. I am sorry that you have not heard back from Dell yet, I will escalate your case internally. 


    I appreciate your feedback. We will call you to discuss your options.
    We are offering an engineer to come to site at no cost. We realise this
    is an inconvenience to those customers who have been affected and we
    are acting quickly to reach out to customers. First by email, then by
    phone to discuss options.


    Kind regards,



    David Birds

    Greg, totally agree with your comments. We order upwards of £40K of equipment from Dell every year.

    If this unit had been bought from a shop it would be returned as
    "unfit for use" under the Sale of Goods Act 1994. Dell are in fact
    breaching the Sale of Goods Act by not offering refunds. See

    Q1. What is an inherent fault?

    A fault present at the time of purchase. Examples are:
    • an error in design so that a product is manufactured incorrectly
    • an error in manufacturing where a faulty component was inserted.
    "fault" may not become apparent immediately but it was there at the
    time of sale and so the product was not of satisfactory standard.

    I have contacted them on numerous occasions and they are just not
    getting back to me. I am disgusted with the level of customer service.


    laptop arrived, faulty, the middle of last week.  I've today had an
    email telling me that you will call me within 14 days.  14 days! 
    That's absolutely pathetic customer service.  I paid good money for a
    laptop to use, now, in my business.  And the idea that you should
    recommend that customers dismantle the keyboard and replace it
    themselves is laughable.  Even if it's easy, why on earth should I have
    to do that with a brand new computer?  Anyone affected should just be
    shipped a new working laptop.

  2. Hi everyone,

    With our migration of posts from the SMB blog to Direct2Dell some of the comments were lost.  I've copied them over manually so that you can see what other users had to say on this topic.


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