Answering Tough Questions about Second Life


Dell Island in the virtual world of Second Life Cybergirrl Oh, aka Aliza Sherman, recently put me on the proverbial hot seat with her “Five Questions in Five Minutes” on the Real Biz in SL Internet television show. It’s an show entirely filmed in Second Life (machinima) that bills itself as part talk show, part tour.

Past guests have included Millions of Us, an agency specializing in virtual worlds, Cisco and IBM. Watching the IBM interview, one observer found it quite entertaining to see a television anchor and her guest flying super-hero style throughout the tour. Cybergirrl and I did quite a bit of flying ourselves before teleporting to the SLCN studios for those five tough questions:

  • What kind of investment is your company making in Second Life?
  • What kind of return on your investment are you seeing?
  • What are the metrics you are using to evaluate your Second Life initiative?
  • Is it worth being in Second Life?
  • How much longer do you plan to be in SL?

One blogger watched it live and then mused on the variety of new media – “odd sequences from pownce [stet] to Second Life” – that combined to bring him into the audience.

You can see the entire replay over in the Real Biz in SL archives, or you can check out the YouTube video below.

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2 thoughts on “Answering Tough Questions about Second Life

  1. I ordered a GPS -Pharos .  Received defective and went to hell trying to return it.  Your Customer Serice the worst.  Waiting period should not be more than 10 minutes.  Your phone system should be improved. I will not order from Dell again and promise to spread the word to pretty much everyone I know.

  2. Dell is an incredible company and I have been a loyal customer since the mid-1990s.  If I ever have an issue, it is resolved quickly and professionally.  I own or have owned at least a half dozen desktops and laptops from Dell.  Very innovative products and a "cannot be beat" price!  Love that I can check out their products at the stores now before I buy them on-line.  Through second life I have helped several friends buy Dell computers and no one has complained yet.

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