Australian legal firm walks a greener path to success with Dell


 Environmental responsibility is often a goal that organizations are very ambitious about but find challenging to achieve. Freehills, an Australian-based international law firm, is an organization where green initiatives are important to the firm’s reputation and their clients. When data requirements grew exponentially to outgrow their current data center capacity, Freehills decided to go green with their latest IT deployment.

The company had grown rapidly over the past few years, providing services to clients across the globe and to 75 percent of Australia’s top 100 listed companies, resulting in their data requirements amplifying. Revamping their IT infrastructure was essential to achieve the desired scalability to meet growing demand. However, with increasing pressure from the firm’s green committee to reduce their data center’s contribution to energy consumption, green efficiency became a priority on the company’s list of requirements for a scalable solution that would offer high-availability.

Freehills found the answer to their challenge in virtualization when they engaged Dell Consulting Services who recommended a tiered storage environment for a virtual server infrastructure built on Dell PowerEdge rack servers, protected by Dell ProSupport Services. Deploying the proposed solution set Freehills on the path to achieving the desired energy efficiency and business continuity.

These are definitely greener days for Freehills. “The Dell solution has equipped our IT team to provide the green committee with real numbers on electricity savings,” states Gary Adler, Infrastructure Manager, Freehills. The company has achieved a 10 percent reduction in data center energy consumption, and an 83 percent reduction in their physical server infrastructure has resulted in significant cost efficiency.

Most importantly, with a high-availability solution, the business has become more agile and responsive to their clients’ needs. The company’s confidence in the Dell solution has grown stronger and Freehills is now equipped to walk on a greener path to success.

Read more on how Freehills achieved Green Efficiency through a Dell solution here (or click on the image below):

How Freehills went green with Dell

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