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The Four Stages of Mobile Wallet Adoption

Global banking is on the cusp of digital disruption. Threats are no longer coming from traditional sources, but from disrupters across industry verticals. For example, global telecom providers have applied for banking licenses. Major global retailers are also providing financial lending services. This requires a fundamental shift in … READ MORE

Abhi Chatterjee December 10, 2015

New Paradigms in Digital Content Lifecycle Management

Organizations are grappling with challenges to deal with explosion of digital content and the content management lifecycles are going through massive transformation. There is a visible shift towards automatic content recognition, content management of external and unstructured data (such as social media), centralization of content into cloud, hyper … READ MORE

Abhi Chatterjee October 9, 2015

Business Process Management Gets a Digital Makeover

The past decade has seen the automation of back office business processes through Business Process Management (BPM) technology adoption in three distinct areas: document-centric BPM, human-centric BPM and Straight-Through Processing (STP) with integration-centric BPM. Since then, we have seen extensive back office use-cases—such as payments reconciliation, customer on-boarding, … READ MORE

Abhi Chatterjee September 15, 2015
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