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IT Trends and Implications: Why Marketers Should Care

As someone who closely watches the intersection of marketing and technology, it’s clear the two are becoming more interconnected. To remain competitive in today’s evolving landscape, marketers need to stay ahead of the latest IT trends. While Big Data, Cloud, Internet of Things and Social Media may bring … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones January 28, 2016

Big Data is Big Business: You Just Have to Get Started

As a marketing leader, I’m always interested in understanding trends and what’s keeping our customers up at night. According to the recent Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI), which uncovers how organizations are truly using disruptive technology, big data is a big missed opportunity. While 61 percent of respondents … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones February 2, 2015

Up in the Air: Why Technology Matters

In my sixteen years at Dell, I have racked up more hours of flying time than I’d care to admit. Finding the best possible flight experience is critical – it helps reduce the stress and strain that travel can impose on your body and your life.   When … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones November 24, 2014

Five Insights on the “Now” Frontier of Marketing

By now, we’ve all heard the statistics that prove marketing and big data are converging and digital technology – social media, predictive analytics – has transformed marketing as we know it. Truth is, technology has disrupted the way we all do business and it’s everyone’s responsibility to understand … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones August 19, 2014

HIMSS 2014: Inspiration and Innovation for Healthcare

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the HIMSS annual conference for the first time. It’s one of the largest gatherings of healthcare professionals in the U.S., and the conversations boiled down to one core theme: taking better care of patients. I definitely heard about servers, storage, … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones February 17, 2014

Dell Technology Camp – More Lessons Learned

The third annual EMEA Dell Technology Camp has officially come to a close. More than 400 press, analysts, customers and Dell team members were given the opportunity to speak with Dell and partner experts – including Intel and Microsoft about our latest products and solutions portfolio alongside simulated … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones June 8, 2011
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