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IT Modernization – Get Help Deciding the Best Way Forward

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. This old adage certainly holds true for new technology. And when it comes to modernizing your applications — albeit through cloud, optimizing business processes, re-architecting or re-hosting — chances are you've been mulling it over, with no … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins July 1, 2016

Setting You up for Success With Strategic Modernization Roadmap

It’s hard to imagine launching the 1945 invasion of Normandy without a plan. Even General Eisenhower, who famously found plans useless once in battle, believed that “planning is indispensable.” I am still surprised when I watch major enterprises take on legacy modernization with little understanding of their legacy … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins June 8, 2016

How to Gain Agility in the Fluctuating World of Financial Services

Today, customers want banking and insurance services at their fingertips. Literally. They’re mobile, savvy, connected and knowledgeable, and financial institutions need to ensure that they match their customers’ needs—and swiftly, or else their competition will. While past imperatives for success included low-cost solutions, efficiency and service level agreement … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins February 5, 2016

Leave Your Legacy: The Benefits of Application Simplification

Today companies are under constant pressure to perform better, faster and grow while lowering their operational costs. Not an easy task given the many challenges — increasing global competition, newer technologies, changes in regulation, high costs of supporting and maintaining IT — and the inherent complexity of IT … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins January 19, 2016

IT Simplification Starts with Modernization

Simple is beautiful. Simple is powerful too. But in an era marked by organizational sprawl, either by mergers and acquisitions, entering new markets, adding newer applications and environments, IT has become more and more complex. Add to that the digital layer, dominated by social and mobile apps and … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins December 11, 2015
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