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#EnterpriseChat – Dell Enterprise Forum Think Tank

Only a few more days between me and a week in sunny California…err…I mean between me and hosting you guys at Dell Enterprise Forum (DEF)!! I’m super excited to be attending and working my 5th forum event. What makes this one super special, though, is the expansion taking the … READ MORE

Alison Krause May 31, 2013

Fluid Forward Think Tank – Let’s Talk Storage

We are officially less than two weeks away from heading to Paris for Dell Storage Forum and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m extra excited because personally, it is my first time to visit Paris and professionally, we are hosting the Fluid Forward Think Tank. A Think Tank … READ MORE

Alison Krause November 1, 2012

The Story of the EqualLogic and VMware Relationship

VMworld is quickly approaching (T minus 15 days)! A couple weeks ago, I started thinking about the EqualLogic and VMware relationship. I wondered how far back the relationship goes, what the future holds and what cool things EqualLogic and VMware do and can do together. That same day, … READ MORE

Alison Krause August 13, 2012
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