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Detroit: A City On the Rebound

I owe an apology to the Motor City. Until now, I had never been to Detroit and my preconceived notions were based solely on the city’s not-so-glorious recent past: a shrinking population, urban blight, staggering unemployment and even bankruptcy. But what I saw earlier this month – clean, … READ MORE

Amanda E May 25, 2016

When Smart People Won’t Use Smart Technologies

By Dr. Thomas Hill, Executive director, Analytics, Information Management Group, Dell Big-data predictive analytics offer the promise of better outcomes and lower costs for healthcare organizations, effectively allowing a patient to access the expertise of thousands of experts gained through treating millions of patients. But successfully deploying the … READ MORE

Amanda E March 19, 2015

Seven Innovative IT Solutions that Can Transform Healthcare

Transforming a complex industry like healthcare is no easy task, but seven startup companies are taking on the challenge and will go head-to-head showcasing their innovative mobile health technologies to a select panel of judges to see who comes out on top. Tune in Wednesday, May 14 (9:30 am … READ MORE

Amanda E May 9, 2014
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