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Threadless + Red + Dell = DESIGN CHALLENGE!

Dell, Threadless and (PRODUCT) RED have teamed up to issue a challenge that underscores how design has the power to change the world! Today the Threadless Loves (PRODUCT) RED design challenge kicks off –and the “awesome” theme is TRANSFORMATION –as in transforming the idea of giving like (RED) … READ MORE

Anne Camden October 4, 2010

Dell Design Studio Keeps Rolling

It’s been a colorful week here at Dell, from my perspective at least. I’ve been involved with a couple of announcements that have put a spotlight on Dell Design Studio – that unique feature available only on that enables you to decorate your laptop or netbook to … READ MORE

Anne Camden July 13, 2010

Dell Introduces Inspiron R Laptops

Those of you who read Techmeme noticed we unveiled three new Inspiron laptops yesterday on—the Inspiron R family, with 14-, 15- and 17-inch models. From my personal perspective the "R" stands for Redesigned – which these are with the new "hinge forward" design that bring the display … READ MORE

Anne Camden June 21, 2010

Soccer Fans – Show your colors!

It’s football season! Starting today and going through July 11 millions of people around the world will be following their favorite team(s) as they make their way through the gauntlet of matches in South Africa. Soccer (a.k.a. football) is an amazing sport (my daughter plays high school varsity) … READ MORE

Anne Camden June 11, 2010

PSSST … Have I gotta deal for you!

Friends and family often reach out to me for PC buying advice, and I confess, I really do enjoy trying to help them decide which PC is right for them. Once we’ve decided on the PC, the specs, features and services (CompleteCare should always be at least considered … READ MORE

Anne Camden April 8, 2010

April Fools & Rumors

Yesterday an interesting rumor was picked up by Digitimes, reporting that "sources" claimed Dell and HP were "reducing their investments" in 10-inch netbooks. Within hours, other online outlets picked the story up and raised the ante with even more sensational headlines. Ironically enough it was also April Fools … READ MORE

Anne Camden April 2, 2010

Dell at CTIA – News from Day 1

First day of CTIA has kicked off and Dell is once again in the news courtesy of a couple of companies we work closely with to deliver simple, reliable and flexible wireless access to the internet. This morning Qualcomm issued a press release underscoring its commitment to incorporate … READ MORE

Anne Camden March 23, 2010

Adamo XPS Back on

 Today the Adamo XPS is available again directly from Dell at Orders may also be placed via phone or chat sales. When folks discovered we had removed the Adamo XPS from online a couple of weeks ago there was some speculation that we had discontinued the product … READ MORE

Anne Camden March 18, 2010

The Dell Inspiron Mini Family Welcomes the New Mini 10

Like Chris and Lionel both mentioned in previous posts, today the Mini family welcomes a new family member today: the redesigned Mini 10, which we introduced just before the holidays. This latest Mini 10 blends new Atom technology from Intel with a slimmer, trimmer design, and a few … READ MORE

Anne Camden January 5, 2010
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