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Face to Face, From Around the World

I’m grateful to live in a time when technology makes it so easy to stay connected over across distances – oceans, even! – but as Brené Brown points out, “Just because we’re plugged in, doesn’t mean we feel seen and heard.”   One of the great things about … READ MORE

Brinda R October 14, 2015

Sliding Into Home: Dell Technology Partner Program Wins

The primary mission of Dell’s Technology Partner program (TPP) is to build strong relationships with our partners that help them succeed in new ways.  I’m excited to share a few stories that illustrate the power of TPP in action! Data Deposit Box and Caringo   Data Deposit Box … READ MORE

Brinda R April 23, 2015

Dell Technology Partner Program Passes the Test

Partner programs drive synergy and the Dell Technology Partner Program combines Dell’s strengths with those of our partners to deliver superior competitive solutions for the customer. In The Value of a Technology Partner, we talked about the value of the program. Today, I’d like to highlight the testing … READ MORE

Brinda R October 28, 2014

The Value of a Technology Partner

Today’s businesses have diverse technology needs as they strive to stand out and drive profitability in an increasingly competitive economy. Customers want to be confident the technology they choose will be comprehensive, effective and ensure a user-friendly experience. Our goal is to put customers at ease by providing … READ MORE

Brinda R September 16, 2014
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