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Does Flash Storage Offer Data Security?

The economics of flash storage continues to improve, spurring more mainstream adoption. As prices drop and become affordable for more enterprises, flash technology meets two of the three objectives every IT department is tasked with: improving performance and lowering the overall cost of storage. The third and most … READ MORE

Bob F July 1, 2016

All-Flash, Because Your Data Deserves It

As discussed in a recent webinar with Storage Switzerland, Dell has broken the price barrier with the Compellent All-Flash Array. Thanks to the intelligent mixing of SLC and MLC flash, we now offer a reliable, feature rich flash array for about the same price as you would pay for a … READ MORE

Bob F October 16, 2013

Mixed Flash? – What do you want that for?

When Dell Compellent first announced that we were going to be shipping an All-Flash array I don't think too many people were surprised, after all we have been shipping flash in our storage products for quite some time. What did surprise people was that we were going to … READ MORE

Bob F September 6, 2013
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