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Business Savvy, Stunning & Affordable: Latitude 7000 Ultrabooks & 3000 Series Laptops Now Shipping

Now available and shipping worldwide—the recently announced and much anticipated Latitude 7000 Series ultrabooks and Latitude 3000 Series laptops! These new additions allow our commercial customers to have it all: the industry’s absolute best security and manageability, outstanding reliability, gorgeous and durable design, plus touch capability at every … READ MORE

Brett McAnally September 16, 2013

Dell Introduces World’s First WiGig-based Wireless Dock for Unparalleled Convenience and Connectivity

At Dell, we’re driven by providing our customers with innovative new products, and that’s why I’m especially excited that we’ve introduced the industry’s first WiGig-based wireless dock.  With the new solution, customers can achieve unparalleled convenience and superior connectivity to displays, networks, audio and other peripherals.  The Dell Wireless Dock … READ MORE

Brett McAnally February 25, 2013
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