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What would you like to learn about at Dell World 2013?

Dell World is Dell’s premier event where industry visionaries and top technology professionals come together and share powerful IT solutions for critical business needs. At Dell World you will explore the ways technology can connect your end users, integrate and optimize your enterprise, simplify and secure your data and … READ MORE

IdeaStorm July 22, 2013

VRTX, Aliens and Thunderbolts

The title brings to mind visions of a blockbuster action movie doesn't it? While I am not writing about a new movie, I will be going over a few system releases and how customer ideas were implemented in the process. Our focus will be on the Poweredge VRTX, … READ MORE

IdeaStorm June 27, 2013

Turning ideas into reality with IdeaStorm

IdeaStorm has received thousands of customer submitted ideas since the site launched in February of 2007.  Here are a few of the ideas that were recently integrated into Dell Products, Services or Operations recently along with some information on a Storm Session (Ideation Session) that is currently being held … READ MORE

IdeaStorm April 3, 2013

Your Ideas in Action: XPS 14 and 15

Since February of 2007 when we launched IdeaStorm, Dell has been accepting ideas for their products, services and operations from users via our IdeaStorm site.  Each month we highlight ideas from IdeaStorm that have been Implemented or Partially Implemented by Dell.  This month we are highlighting ideas that … READ MORE

IdeaStorm July 9, 2012

IdeaStorm: April Ideas in Action Update

This month I want to review a few of the new features on IdeaStorm and let you know about our current Storm Session. Last month IdeaStorm received a new look and several new features as a part of what we have called the IdeaStorm 2.0 Project.  The upgrade has … READ MORE

IdeaStorm April 26, 2012

Ideastorm 2.0 Launched Today!

Today the IdeaStorm 2.0 project comes to fruition with the launch of the re-designed website. With the new Ideastorm website, you will have access to many great new features including the following. The new home page will combine Featured content, Recent Ideas and Trending ideas. We have also … READ MORE

IdeaStorm March 22, 2012

Ideas in Action, January update

Happy New Year!  Yes, I’m a bit late with that but I do have some updates to make up for it.  CES is over and I’m sure everyone has heard about the XPS 13.   There is a great blog post on Direct2Dell with more information if you are … READ MORE

IdeaStorm January 25, 2012

Ideas in Action Holiday Update

I’ve been holding back on an update in order to have more information to share with everyone about the IdeaStorm 2.0 project. We have recently completed preliminary meetings on the project which includes, but is not limited to: a refreshed user interface, revamping the idea process, adding functionality … READ MORE

IdeaStorm December 20, 2011

Ideas in Action update

I wanted to give a quick update on what is happening on IdeaStorm. We have a new Storm Session and a few ideas with status updates. The newest storm session is titled “How can Dell help empower women business leaders?” for those who would like to contribute. The … READ MORE

IdeaStorm October 10, 2011
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