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In Search of the Data Scientist Unicorn

There seems to be a common thread in all my customer conversations lately—whether it’s during business meetings, casual lunches or following the recent big data and analytics press summit I moderated at Dell World. The people tasked with doing more with their data to solve business problems are … READ MORE

Darin Bartik December 7, 2015

Too Many Databases, Too Little Time

The proliferation of specialized databases is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s great to have the flexibility of new database types to better solve specific business problems. On the other hand, introducing a new database is only a good idea if you have resources to manage it. … READ MORE

Darin Bartik September 22, 2015

The Four “W”s of Successful Big Data Projects

It seems everyone, including me, is talking about Big Data project pitfalls. I recently authored an article for CMSWire on the topic, describing the roadblocks organizations typically face when embarking on a Big Data initiative. When I talk to customers, they complain that an overall lack of organizational … READ MORE

Darin Bartik June 7, 2013

Role of a Data Scientist in a Big Data World

Recently I had the opportunity to join a panel of industry thought leaders in a timely session on DM Radio that focused on new roles in information management. So of course it didn’t take long before the conversation turned to the role of the data scientist. After all, … READ MORE

Darin Bartik May 10, 2013

Big Data | Align IT and Business Intelligence Objectives

Big Data Straight Shooter  Today’s Big Data landscape reminds me of the Wild West—lots of promise, chaos and confusion. It’s an amazing opportunity, if you have a plan and can shoot straight.  The challenge with Big Data is that too many folks are firing scattershot, which further fuels … READ MORE

Darin Bartik April 18, 2013

Got a Big Data problem?

CIO #1: Do you think you have a Big Data problem? CIO #2: Yes I do. CIO #1: When did your Big Data problem start? CIO #2: I would say we’ve had a big data problem since the mid-1990’s.  CIO #1: Huh?  What do you mean?  Sources for … READ MORE

Darin Bartik December 3, 2012
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