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Evolution of Monitors – Teletype to LED

You ever sit back and think…where is the old clunky CRT that I used to stare into all day? No swiveling, no tilting…just staring one on one at each other all day. We'd grown so close and I know I couldn't have lifted it off of my desk … READ MORE

David Whitworth August 29, 2012

Webcams in Movies – A Look Back

 The ever-watchful, unblinking eyes of machines used by imaginative movie makers for decades have been either eerily similar or straight out uses of common webcams used today. So I thought I would take a look back at a few of the uses of webcams in movie history (the … READ MORE

David Whitworth August 9, 2012

Six Great Human and Computer Collaborations

At Dell, we are always fascinated by the power of people and computers coming together to create even more than they could have done on their own. Not only have we seen the incredible force of social media on our own business, but we have also seen some … READ MORE

David Whitworth May 10, 2012
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