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Weekly Recap 7-2-08

Thanks for everyone's patience with the challenges we have had with the ideas in action page.  Here is the latest on IdeaStorm!  People:  We have had a bunch of new ideas and a crew of new people visiting the site.  Welcome to meand3ts, n64bomb, oligarch, voice99, and bobinlou. … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade July 2, 2008

Your Tech Team – Dedicated Support Teams

We're excited to share a new service offering beginning today called "Your Tech Team".  This offering has a couple of key components that the IdeaStorm community has overwhelmingly asked for: one contact point for all your needs, Americas-based support and faster response times. Your Tech Team provides household … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade July 1, 2008


Dell is committed to global citizenship. As an extension of this commitment, we are excited to share Dell's participation in (PRODUCT) RED, thanks in part to the idea smotchberry submitted back in February of last year. Smotchberry has become the first IdeaStorm community member to have two Ideas … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade June 27, 2008

Weekly Recap 6-10-08

Update from Lionel: This post was supposed to appear only in the Ideas in Action category. However, the functionality to post only in a category is still not working properly. We are working to fix this issue, but since it will take some time, I posted this on … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade June 10, 2008

Weekly Recap 5-7-08

It has been a busy week for us around Ideastorm!  Here are a couple of the "usual" updates and a couple of new components thanks to Jervis' wonderful suggestions. The Usual– The happenings of the week. As you scroll down you will see the more detailed review of … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade May 8, 2008

Update on IdeaStorm 4-7-08

Everyone – I wanted give an update on the improvements we’ve been working toward this year. In February I first shared a plan to jump-start IdeaStorm into the second year. Kara, Jackie and I have all been hard at work to make these changes. So, I would like … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade April 7, 2008

Weekly Recap: 3-25-08

Happy Tuesday everyone; hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!  Recently I contemplated the quote "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery," by Charles Caleb Colton (partly due to the latest in a string of Ideastorm-like sites).  Last week, Starbucks became the latest to launch a site that asks … READ MORE

Dawn Lacallade March 25, 2008
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