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Powering Inquiry-based Learning

We all know technology has changed how and where we work.  Yesterday, I saw a wonderful example of how technology can radically enable and expand a classroom.  I attended the launch of the Center of Excellence for Learning at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, which will … READ MORE

Deb Bauer January 24, 2014

Social entrepreneurship for students, by students

A vaccine that doesn’t require refrigeration, expanding its reach to potentially millions more rural people. A clean sanitation system that could actually create energy and raise revenue for Indian villages. A streamlined distribution network that works directly with mom-and-pop shops in the developing world to get technology in … READ MORE

Deb Bauer February 6, 2013

Dell Expands Children’s Cancer Care Program

Technology can play a crucial role in a child’s fight against cancer. This week, Dell announced two new nonprofit partners in our children’s cancer care program — both using technology to make their patients’ treatment a little easier to manage. In Panama, we are working with Fundacion Amigos … READ MORE

Deb Bauer December 3, 2012

Social Innovation and the Art of Storytelling

As leader of Dell’s global giving efforts, I see the many ways our team members, technology and funding help bring the dreams of others to life. We support nonprofits in countries around the world: bringing technology access to students, supporting young social entrepreneurs, accelerating cancer treatment for children, … READ MORE

Deb Bauer May 3, 2012

Technology for One Million Children

The digital divide is an issue that has been debated extensively over the years, and it remains a critical problem in both developed and developing countries. Today, more than 70 percent of the world is still not connected. While most experts agree that delivering widespread technology access remains … READ MORE

Deb Bauer August 25, 2010
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