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Designing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy

Successful managers have understood that skillful curation and structured sharing of knowledge can maximize their team’s influence and impact on the success of their company. A well-functioning knowledge management system ensures that the team has unified access to information and is designed to minimize wasted time searching for … READ MORE

Elizabeth Press September 4, 2013

Can Carriers turn the threat from Over-The-Top (OTT) Service Providers into an opportunity?

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Over-the-Top (OTT) Service Providers are often depicted as arch rivals, however, can they leverage their respective strengths for mutual benefit.  CSPs are investing in their platforms in order to offer additional services through partnership ecosystems and diversify their revenue streams. Successful collaboration has many requirements, … READ MORE

Elizabeth Press August 8, 2013

Why LTE profitability necessitates a clear application strategy

Generating revenues from their long-term evolution (marketed as LTE and 4G) investments has been a challenge for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) the world over. The CSPs’ need to attain profitability after the capital investments in LTE has increased the importance of clearly laying out their application strategy – … READ MORE

Elizabeth Press July 18, 2013

Why application modernization is a strategic imperative for Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Many CSPs have grown through mergers and acquisitions, creating hundreds of duplicate applications on various infrastructures. This has created a need for application strategy and more specifically application modernization to reduce cost and complexity. Moreover, CSPs must evolve into leaner, more intelligent and customer-centric organizations to remain competitive. … READ MORE

Elizabeth Press March 25, 2013

Big Data Analytics will become the battle axe for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

The battle for market share and high-value customers will be won and lost on the attainment of unique customer and marketplace insights.  Competition in CSPs’ core telephony & Internet services markets is mounting from both traditional and non-traditional providers, Internet-based virtual service providers (VSPs), hosters, content providers and more. … READ MORE

Elizabeth Press September 19, 2012
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