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Dell’s Sina Microblog Presence in China

Note from Lionel: Below is a post from Jacqui Zhou who ran our Direct2Dell Chinese blog in the past and is responsible for much of Dell's globalization strategy in social media. Since I thought this topic might be of interest to some of our Direct2Dell readers, I asked … READ MORE

Jacqui Z March 11, 2010

Buy Dell, Pay via China Post

Note from Lionel: Below is a post from Jacqui Zhou, who runs our Direct2Dell Chinese blog. She recently published the following post over there. I asked her to publish a translated version since I thought it provided some interesting insight toward the challenges that apply to other parts … READ MORE

Jacqui Z April 30, 2009

Dell Launches 3G Embedded Mini 10 in China

As you've probably read, netbooks have been all the rave this year. Many mobile enthusiasts, looking for a portable companion PC, are seeing a variety of netbook flavors hit the market, and research shows that this is expected to continue especially in China. A recent IDC report showed, … READ MORE

Jacqui Z April 15, 2009

Michael Discusses IT Innovation in Beijing

Last week, Michael was in Japan and China, meet with customers, business leaders and government officials. He also delivered a speech to international reporters during a press conference in Beijing. In the eight-minute video below, Michael discussed how IT-driven innovation can help companies improve efficiency and productivity and … READ MORE

Jacqui Z March 30, 2009

China at SXSW

 I attended an interesting panel yesterday—International Business in China for Fun and Profit at SXSW.  Kris Krug (Raincity Studios ) hosted the discussion by Christine Lu (The China Business Network), Andrew Lih (author of The Wikipedia Revolution),Sage Brennan (Pacific Sun Investment Management) and Robert Scales (Now Public). Among the audience were familiar names such as Kaiser Kuo,Debbie Weil, Sheila Scarborough, and Elliott Ng. … READ MORE

Jacqui Z March 17, 2009
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