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Tackle Your Compliance Demands with Dell’s New Hosted Email Encryption

Email security is critical to protect your email from threats including spam, phishing attacks and malware. What’s more, government regulations now hold businesses and organizations accountable for protecting confidential data, ensuring it is not leaked and ensuring the secure exchange of email containing sensitive customer data or confidential … READ MORE

Jane Wasson May 18, 2015

Dell Security Wins Big at Interop Las Vegas

Las Vegas welcomed thousands of technology professionals last week for the annual Interop IT show to discover the most current and cutting-edge technology innovations and strategies to drive their organizations’ success. Dell Security participated in force, launching the new SonicWALL TZ firewall line and demonstrating our innovative enterprise … READ MORE

Jane Wasson May 8, 2015

Protect Your SMB from Mobile Threats with a One-Two Punch

If you’re under pressure to help your SMB mobile workers increase productivity but worried that enabling mobile access to your network and resources could pose a data security risk, you’re right. Mobile device adoption in the workplace, both employer issued and personally owned BYOD, has increased significantly. Often, … READ MORE

Jane Wasson February 26, 2014

Take Mobile Worker Productivity to the Next Level

Enabled by IT sanctioned Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, mobile workers are experiencing significant productivity gains from easy, fast access to enterprise email and calendar apps from personally owned smart-phones. And now, mobile workers are increasingly demanding that IT extend support beyond smartphones to include support for … READ MORE

Jane Wasson September 19, 2013

Securing the Digital Video Production Workflow

Film in Hawaii. Production in LA. Send the footage over the Internet?  A scary thought. In the past, transmitting large video files over the Internet took too much time and introduced too much risk of intellectual property getting into the wrong hands. But with advancements in technology, is … READ MORE

Jane Wasson November 1, 2012
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