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Expanding VDI Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

  Dell has been a long-term partner of Citrix – working together to develop and innovate products to serve our customers’ needs. This week, we were a platinum sponsor at Citrix Synergy 2015 to meet with customers and present our latest Citrix-based solutions. At the show, we announced … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught May 19, 2015

Benefits of vWorkspace from Virtualization Expert Brian Madden

At Dell we’re extremely proud of Wyse vWorkspace as an important component of our cloud client-computing portfolio. It’s a comprehensive desktop virtualization software solution that combines components from our acquisitions of Wyse and Quest with Dell’s own native IP and innovation. vWorkspace sets us apart from the competition … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught February 9, 2015

The Dell-Citrix Alliance is a Win-Win for Channel Partners

Dell has a long history of working closely with partners to deliver comprehensive solutions that work “better together” for our customers. Our team has worked closely with Citrix for over 20 years, and through thousands of hours of joint engineering work, Dell and Citrix have architected a wide … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught January 16, 2015

Answers from Dell World on Cloud Client-Computing

It’s hard to believe that Dell World is already here again; the year has flown by! It’s been an exciting 2014 for Dell cloud client-computing, full of growth and innovation. In fact, according to IDC, Dell ranked #1 worldwide in thin client market share in Q2 of this … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught November 5, 2014

Turn A Six Hour Job Into a Three Minute One

What’s the best way to provision interim workstations for 4,000 students in 12 separate classrooms between two buildings? When those students are Dell employees and the buildings are on our main campus, the question takes on a personal dimension. Dell’s Global Learning & Development (GL&D) group, which prepares … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught September 17, 2014

How Dell Makes Virtual Desktops Easier to Use

It was recently said, "Dell has a history of making technology easier to buy, which isn't quite the same as making it easier to use and manage." Few would dispute our legacy of making technology — particularly computer hardware — easier to buy. As for making technology easier … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught August 27, 2014

Long Live the Multi-Device Era

In the second floor commissary of the Dell cloud client-computing building in Silicon Valley, there is a light fixture. It's unlike most corporate lighting. Rectangular. Beautiful. Modern. It is made of dozens of translucent glass orbs, hung by corresponding wires from the ceiling. Each six-inch sphere encases a … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught August 20, 2014
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