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The Friction of Bureaucracy

What would your organization look like and how would it operate if you had no recourse to a legal system? For one, it would mean no enforceable contracts with customers, suppliers or even employees. It would likely mean little if any paper or data trail with all deals … READ MORE

Jim Stikeleather April 14, 2014

Debunking the myths of innovation (part 2)

Myth 2: Successful innovations require large-scale, disruptive revolution. Reality 2: The most successful innovations are often the simplest. Disruptive innovative, as opposed to incremental improvement, is not typically achieved by asking customers what they want or need. Some businesses do not do formalized market research (focus groups, surveys, … READ MORE

Jim Stikeleather September 8, 2011

Debunking the myths of innovation

Myth 1: Innovation is all about emerging technologies and creating new products. Reality 1: Innovation is also about new services and new ways of doing business Firstly to help understand the concept of innovation, a definition has to be established. Simply defined, innovation is the process that takes … READ MORE

Jim Stikeleather August 31, 2011

Making Cyberspace a safer place

This week Cyberspace got a little bit safer. In case you missed some of the reactions from USA Today, Dallas Morning News and The Guardian, earlier this week, 400 leaders of governments, businesses, academia and civil society from 40 major “cyber” nations attended the East West Institute’s first … READ MORE

Jim Stikeleather May 6, 2010
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