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Ubuntu Linux 9.04 – Technical Details

Note from Lionel: It's been a while since I've talked about Linux on Direct2Dell. Shortly after Ubuntu 9.04 was released in April 2009, we had a request from IdeaStorm user Shannon VanWagner to start pre-loading 9.04. Though it's late, we're now offering Ubuntu 9.04 on a few more Dell machines … READ MORE

John Hull October 9, 2009

Dell @ the Red Hat Summit This Week

The Red Hat Summit is taking place September 1-4 in Chicago, and Dell will be an active participant in the activities. We're an "Enterprise Sponsor" of the event, and we'll have a both in the partner pavilion, showing off our latest and greatest servers as well as giving … READ MORE

John Hull September 1, 2009

Dell at LinuxWorld this Week

As many of you know, the 2008 LinuxWorld Conference and Expo is taking place this week in San Franciscso. Several of us at Dell will be attending to take part in the "Desktop Linux" track. I'll be part of a panel discussion titled "OEM Desktop Panel Discussion – … READ MORE

John Hull August 4, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 Offering—Technical Details

I'd like to follow up our Ubuntu 8.04 post with a quick update on the technical details for what we have added with this release. We have continued to build and improve upon on what we did for our Ubuntu 7.10 offering, and here are some of the … READ MORE

John Hull July 24, 2008

Linux Discussion with Computerworld

Several of us here at Dell sat down last week with Todd Weiss from Computerworld to discuss our Ubuntu Linux program. Todd's article from that discussion can be found here.

John Hull April 16, 2008

Dell at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit runs April 8-10 this week here in Austin, and a number of people from Dell will be attending to discuss the current status and future direction of Linux. On Tuesday, Matt Domsch will be participating in a panel discussion titled "State of Linux … READ MORE

John Hull April 8, 2008

Update: Linux on Dell’s "Business Client" Systems

Since many of the Linux blog posts over the past nine months have focused on Ubuntu Linux on consumer systems, I'd like to give a quick update on some of the work we've been doing for "business client" systems, such as our Precision Workstation, OptiPlex, Latitude, and Vostro … READ MORE

John Hull March 31, 2008

Ubuntu 7.10 Offering – Technical Details

Now that we have shared that Ubuntu 7.10 is available for sale on select Dell systems, I’d like to take the opportunity to give an update on what customers can expect with this offering. Most of the Ubuntu 7.04 technical details are still valid for this release, but there … READ MORE

John Hull December 19, 2007
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