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An Inflection Point for Dell Statistica

When Dell acquired StatSoft and its Statistica advanced analytics platform back in early 2014, we knew it was only the start of a journey toward something bigger. Certainly, StatSoft had every reason to be proud of its accomplishments up to that point. The company and its leaders spent … READ MORE

John K Thompson February 18, 2016

Getting Real About Virtual Centers of Excellence

Forward-looking companies increasingly are moving away from centralized, exclusive enclaves devoted to analytics to embrace more open, collaborative virtual centers of excellence. It makes a great deal of sense. By decentralizing analytics throughout different parts of the organization, you can empower subject matter experts all over the company … READ MORE

John K Thompson July 21, 2015

Getting Smarter About Collective Intelligence

Lately, whenever I hold a whiteboard discussion on collective intelligence, customers, prospects, analysts and even my fellow Dell team members give me their full attention. Now, people have talked about collective intelligence for ages, but I think what drives the point home now more than ever before is … READ MORE

John K Thompson May 27, 2015

Flexing Your Data Muscle with Analytics Agility

The need to be more agile comes up a lot in customer conversations, especially from frustrated executives who want to be more sure-footed and flexible in moving their businesses forward. Too often, they feel stymied by a lack of useful insight, which hampers their ability to respond quickly … READ MORE

John K Thompson April 20, 2015

All the Data, All the Time

At Dell’s recent Big Data 1-5-10 event, I kicked off my introduction by saying my goal is “to help customers use 100 percent of their available data all the time.” This remark caused a few heads to turn, and later prompted Jeff Frick, GM of SiliconANGLE and host … READ MORE

John K Thompson February 18, 2015
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