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Is Today’s Data Scientist 1995’s Webmaster?

Is it just me or does anyone else experience a sense of technology déjà vu from time to time? My most recent bout has been around the vaunted “rock star” status afforded the Data Scientist role emerging in the Big Data space. I don’t want to say that … READ MORE

John Whittaker July 1, 2013

Drive Informed, Urgent Action to Get the Most from Your Big Data, Cloud Integration & Business Analytics

In recent months, my colleagues in Dell Software’s Information Management Group—Matt Wolken, Darin Bartik and Chris McNabb—have shared their thoughts and advice on how organizations today can benefit from pragmatic Big Data, cloud integration and business analytics solutions. There’s a common thread to their discussions that resonates strongly … READ MORE

John Whittaker June 24, 2013
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