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The engineering value add for Dell vStart

In last week’s blog post, we went through the deployment cycle for new infrastructure, which can take around 134-174 days and 450+ working hours; plus, there are risks and errors that can occur during each step. Dell’s solution – vStart – offers a more rapid, low-risk approach for … READ MORE

Lani Dame October 4, 2012

What could your IT department do with 174 days?

The time and risks associated with deploying virtual infrastructure This blog is part one in a two-part series on preintegrated systems When new infrastructure is needed for virtualization and cloud projects, often companies take the customary do-it-yourself route of design, procure, implement, configure, pre-release testing, and production and … READ MORE

Lani Dame September 27, 2012

End-to-end solutions recognition for Dell: vStart, Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) and Energy Smart Rack

Dell’s transformation into an end-to-end solution provider is gaining momentum with the recent recognition of three of our enterprise hardware and software products. released its list of finalists and top picks for the annual Products of the Year competition, including three Dell products: vStart, Dell Advanced … READ MORE

Lani Dame December 19, 2011

Accelerate IT service delivery with Dell VIS Creator

In this fast-paced world, people have become accustomed to accomplishing a task in only a few clicks of a mouse. In a business setting, this translates to employees wanting applications, services and other workloads delivered just as fast, which puts a strain on IT administrators, and brings up … READ MORE

Lani Dame November 14, 2011
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