Laura Pevehouse was profiled as one of five “social media mavens” in the March 2009 issue of Austin Woman Magazine and named an AdWeek’s TweetFreak Five to Follow. She has been part of the Dell organization for more than 15 years in various corporate communications, employee communications, public relations, community affairs, marketing, branding, social media and online communication roles.

From 2014-2018, Laura was Chief Blogger/Editor-in-Chief for Direct2DellEMC and Direct2Dell, Dell’s official corporate blog that she help launch in 2007. She is now a member of the Dell Technologies Chairman Communications team. Earlier in her Dell career she focused on Global Commercial Channels and US Small and Medium Business public relations as part of the Global Communications team. Prior to that, she was responsible for global strategy in social media and community management, as well as marcom landing pages, as a member of Dell’s Global SMB Marketing, Brand and Creative team. When she was part of Dell’s Global Online group, Laura provided internal consulting that integrated online and social media opportunities with a focus on Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. She managed the home page of, one of the top 500 global web sites in Alexa traffic rank, and first brought web feeds and podcasts to the ecommerce site. In her spare time she led Dell into the metaverse with the creation of Dell Island in the virtual world Second Life.

Laura has earned the designation of Accredited Business Communicator from the International Association of Business Communicators, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Louisiana State University. Before joining Dell Financial Services in 2000, she worked at the Texas Workforce Commission and PepsiCo Food Systems Worldwide.

Dell in SL: One Year Later

As I landed on that title for my presentation at Metaverse07 this coming Monday, I thought it would be an appropriate one for an update here, too.  Yes, it’s been almost exactly one year since Dell Island launched to the public in the virtual world of Second Life.  … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse November 20, 2007

No New Home Page This Year

Well, the numbers are in from our most recent beta test of a new home page design, and they’re not as I’d hoped. While one researcher recently found our web site to be “quite easy to navigate only after several visits,” our beta metrics indicated that changing the … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse November 8, 2007

Beta, Beta, We Need More Data

Just wanted to give everyone an update to my last post about our home page redesign project.   The metrics from our first beta in the U.S. and our subsequent beta in Canada were both very similar.  And we got some great feedback here on Direct2Dell, in IdeaStorm and … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse October 13, 2007

Is it Possible to be Everything to Everybody?

 As I hinted in my last post here, a rather large 2D web project has been taking my focus away from 3D initiatives lately. That project is a redesign of the home page of How can one single web page be a big project?  When it's a page … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse September 7, 2007

Customer Service in Second Life

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged here and I hope that people don’t think that’s because we’ve joined the companies quoted in a recent Forbes article (registration required) saying they were pulling out of Second Life.  GigaOM has a good post that debunks many of the business … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse July 23, 2007

Come Rock the Ark in Second Life

You may or may not have noticed a new banner in the rotation of the home page this week that mentions the upcoming movie Evan Almighty.  I’d encourage you to check out the page  it links to because it’s much more than just a simple product placement … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse June 9, 2007

Deepening Our Roots in Second Life

Recently, the VP of Marketing at HP blogged about why they are not in Second Life, and I think the title of his post says a lot about our differences in approaching this medium – “Top 10 Reasons as to why I still need to be convinced about … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse April 20, 2007

Does Vista Run Second Life?

Not to make this blog be “All-Vista-All-The-Time”, but I wanted to chime in about some issues that have surfaced around running Second Life on Vista systems. I first heard that there might be a problem when the Second Life Insider reported that one of their readers received video … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse February 21, 2007

Making a Virtual Connection

I was recently reminded of one of the two things that makes Second Life such an interesting place—the ability to interact with people from around the globe while feeling like you are in the same place, and the power of SL Groups to bring people together. Thanks to … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse February 8, 2007

Update from Second Life

Hope everyone out there has been having a great holiday season!  I can’t forget to thank Neville Hobson for inviting me to attend my first ever virtual world holiday party last week at the Crayon headquarters.  It was a bit chaotic with all the conversations going at once, … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse December 26, 2006

Beyond Opening Day on Dell Island

When Lionel recently asked me to join the team of Direct2Dell bloggers to keep you all updated on our activities in Second Life, I have to admit I had some hesitation. Not because I have a problem blogging about what we’re doing in SL, I’m quite passionate about … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse December 4, 2006
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