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Taking Telecom to the Cloud

When I read about the Telecommunications market, I notice significant changes happening in parallel. For instance, LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4th Generation Networks) is setting a new standard in transporting voice calls. Mobile phone users are accessing rich content, which in turn creates a balancing act between OTT (Over-the-Top) traffic … READ MORE

Marcel Moelands February 19, 2013

Top Business Risks for Telco Operators

A while ago, my colleague Franklin Flint blogged about the top 5 challenges emerging for the carriers and service providers. Along those lines I’m taking this opportunity to share some of the business risks Telecom Operators may be facing (pulled from Ernst and Young 2012 report top 10 … READ MORE

Marcel Moelands January 16, 2013

The truth about Agent-Free Monitoring

Investing in Systems Management Technology Systems management is an ever evolving technology and an area Dell continues to invest in. Specifically for the launch of our PowerEdge 12th generation servers, Dell put a lot of effort in improving the monitoring aspect of Systems Management.  In fact, Dell is … READ MORE

Marcel Moelands January 15, 2013
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