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Mario joins Ubuntu Core-Dev team

Lots of folks within Dell are committed to Linux initiatives.  Ubuntu is a good example. Since we committed to offer it on certain consumer systems back in May last year, we've added many countries outside the US. Beyond just making it available though, we've also spent a lot … READ MORE

Matt Domsch October 23, 2008

Use the Source, Luke!

Fedora, like quite a few Linux distributions, aims for the technical challenge of being self-hosting, that is, one should be able to recompile each of the packages in Fedora 10 using a copy of Fedora 10, and get exactly the same result.  For Open Source and Free Software … READ MORE

Matt Domsch September 19, 2008

Linux Symposium 2008 follow-up

I'm back, having made the annual pilgramage to Ottawa for this year's Linux Symposium.  I went to present about Fedora's MirrorManager application I've been writing over the past 18 months, to hear about new developments across Linux, and of course, the popular hallway track.  The conference organizers did … READ MORE

Matt Domsch July 31, 2008

DKMS maintainership passing to Mario Limonciello

It is with great pleasure, and a sigh of relief, that I am announcing that Mario Limonciello has agreed to become the new maintainer for DKMS. Mario is well known in the Ubuntu community, both as an active contributor to the Mythbuntu project, and as a "Master of … READ MORE

Matt Domsch June 25, 2008

Dell at Red Hat Summit and FUDCon

This week, Dell will be out "in force" at the Red Hat Summit in Boston.  If you're attending the show, be sure to stop by the Dell booth in the expo area, where we'll have one of our new PowerEdge M1000e modular blade enclosures on hand, as well … READ MORE

Matt Domsch June 17, 2008

Fedora 9 released, Thank You Mirrors!

Just a quick shout out to all of the great Fedora public mirrors worldwide.  Tuesday's release of Fedora 9 was the smoothest yet from a Fedora Infrastructure POV – no switch meltdowns, no datacenters knocked offline, and few gripes about slow downloads from the forums I've read. In … READ MORE

Matt Domsch May 16, 2008

MirrorManager at Red Hat Summit

I'll be presenting Fedora's MirrorManager project at the Red Hat Summit in Boston.  The Summit runs June 18-20, my presentation is on Thursday afternoon at 4pm.  If you're attending FUDCon (the Fedora User and Developer Conference) that's running parallel to the Summit, you'll be able to get in … READ MORE

Matt Domsch April 18, 2008

Why I like conferences

I like conferences.  Done right, they're exhausting, as you spend every waking minute talking with people, making new friends, and making new connections.  For example, at last night's Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit reception, I was chatting with Chris Wright, a noted Linux kernel developer.  Tim Gardner stepped over … READ MORE

Matt Domsch April 9, 2008

DKMS v2.0.19 released

DKMS 2.0.19 is out.  The big improvement here is that Fedora rawhide (will be Fedora 9) now includes rpm hooks, similar to Ubuntu's triggers, to invoke the DKMS autoinstaller at the end of an RPM transaction when a new kernel is installed.  This means we don't have to … READ MORE

Matt Domsch March 25, 2008

Fedora’s MirrorManager now with Internet2 lookups

With thanks to Ken Tossell for some critical information, Fedora's MirrorManager now tries to direct Internet2 clients to Internet2 mirrors.  N.B. when I say Internet2 here, I mean Internet2 and all the high speed educational and research networks that peer directly with Internet2, such as GEANET2. Basically, the … READ MORE

Matt Domsch March 18, 2008

Upstreaming hardware data – MonitorsDB

And so it begins.   One challenge Dell has had over time is getting the right lists of hardware included in the right Linux packages.  Today's example – monitors.  Dell, over the years, has by my count sold 197 different monitor types, and releases several more each month.  We'd … READ MORE

Matt Domsch January 21, 2008

efibootmgr v0.5.4

efibootmgr is a tool for systems with EFI and UEFI BIOS running Linux, to edit the EFI Boot Manager  boot option list from within Linux. efibootmgr v0.5.4 is released now.  This is a minor update to 0.5.3 that most distributions have, cleanups and incorporating a few patches that … READ MORE

Matt Domsch January 18, 2008
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