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Why Advanced Analytics Are More Valuable Than Ever

At the fourth annual Dell World event last month in Austin, data analytics took center stage. Whether it was Michael Dell’s opening keynote on the power and promise of the data economy, the lead keynote panel discussion featuring Dell Software’s own Dr. Tom Hill, or the many big … READ MORE

Matt Wolken December 3, 2014

Unlocking the Power of Information at Dell World

In my role as general manager for Dell Software’s information management group, I’m often asked a simple yet critical question: What exactly does Dell mean when it talks about information management?  It’s an understandable question, given that so many vendors articulate definitions of information management that aim only … READ MORE

Matt Wolken December 4, 2013

The Ethics of Big Data and Privacy

What are an individual’s rights to privacy? There’s no easy answer as the boundaries of privacy differ among cultures and individuals. At its core, however, there are shared basics and common themes. And in most cultures, there is some agreement that individuals are entitled to some level of … READ MORE

Matt Wolken November 12, 2013

Introducing the Data Curiosity Roundtable

From the moment we formed the information management group within Dell Software, being an industry leader has been our singular focus. Leadership takes many forms, however, and I’m constantly reminding my team that if all we’re doing is developing and delivering great products, we’re not doing enough. Being … READ MORE

Matt Wolken November 7, 2013

Dell Puts SQL Server Prowess on Display at PASS Summit

What a difference a year makes. That was the thought running through my mind as I marveled at the strength of Dell’s presence last month at PASS Summit, the industry’s premier Microsoft SQL Server user conference. From start to finish, anyone attending the show, myself included, was left … READ MORE

Matt Wolken November 5, 2013
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