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For Governments, Application Modernization Is Overdue

Legacy IT burdens makes tax time more costly for government agenciesI don’t know any individual who believes tax preparation is an easy task but I never gave much thought to the challenges of tax processing until I found this report from the UK Government and the National Audit … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell February 20, 2014

Help wanted: A new kind of cloud evangelist

While IT has traditionally carried the torch of cloud evangelism in most organizations, there are many views on how cloud computing can provide value in multiple areas throughout a business. Gartner shocked many last year when it made the assertion that by 2017, the CMO will spend more on … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell July 30, 2013

How Can Cloud Help Marketing Regain the Trust of the CEO?

There’s been a series of articles and studies published recently that indicate a lack of certainty or a ‘trust gap’ with the minds of CEOs.  Dell Services published a study with the Economist Intelligence Insight that found, “Less than one-half of C-suite executives rate their CIO positively in … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell August 30, 2012

Cloud Strategies and Boardroom Priorities

During my last blog post, I mentioned research that shows a disconnect that exists between IT and business executives. The report from Dell Services, conducted with the Economist Intelligence Unit, spotlights the lack of confidence that CEOs often have in IT’s knowledge of the business and how it … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell August 2, 2012

Cloud ‘popping up’ at retail stores

According to Retail Traffic Magazine moods of European Shopping Center owners have finally started to improve.  While this may herald a return of permanent retailers to the shopping centers, the future is not all rosy. The retail segment has seen erosion of its sales at physical stores over … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell May 23, 2012

Cloud Healing: The diagnosis may be killing the patient

Blogger Jessica Scarpati made the observation that we don’t argue about what is CRM or what is a router, but the industry cannot agree on virtual desktop vocabulary or cloud computing. Her entry titled, “Three meetings to explain cloud to customers. Yes, it’s that bad.”  hints at some … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell April 26, 2012

Data Here, There, Anywhere: Putting Integration in the Cloud

Last year, I read an article that stated there were now 2,500 new SaaS companies with an application portfolio growing at 5X of the pace of on-premise applications.  While the popularity of SaaS applications and cloud has increased dramatically, and brought greater productivity to users, I believe there … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell April 10, 2012
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