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[BETA] OMSA 5.4 in the Dell hardware repository

Dell OpenManage Server Assistant (OMSA) 5.4 was publicly released last week. We now have OMSA 5.4 available for testing in the Dell hardware repository at OMSA 5.4 is not yet the default install, you will need to follow the steps below in order to install or upgrade … READ MORE

Michael B March 31, 2008

New ipmitool available in Dell yum repositories

As part of the recent upgrade of OMSA to version 5.3 in the Dell yum repository, we have also included a Dell-enhanced version of ipmitool. There are a couple of very interesting things to note about this enhanced version of ipmitool. First are the new features that have … READ MORE

Michael B March 6, 2008

OpenManage Server Administrator 5.3 posted in Dell yum repositories

We have updated the Dell yum repository with the latest version of OpenManage Server Administrator, version 5.3. The repository with OMSA is at, while more information can be found at Dell OMSA is a suite of tools provided by Dell for server monitoring and administration. Yum … READ MORE

Michael B March 3, 2008

firmware-tools update—Brand-spanking-new GUI.

Get it while it’s hot. After being available for two years now, the formerly CLI-only firmware-tools now has a pretty slick GUI, called ‘inventory_firmware_gui’. Firmware-tools is available in the Dell Software Repository. Installation instructions on setting up the Software Repository are here: Once you have firmware-tools installed, … READ MORE

Michael B August 22, 2007

Dell repository updates—firmware repo

I posted to the mailing list several weeks ago about the firmware repository moving from to As of this week, there are a couple of updates to the firmware repository to take note of: First, we have added PERC5 and SAS5 controller firmware updates to the … READ MORE

Michael B August 16, 2007

libsmbios 0.13.8 release

I have released libsmbios version 0.13.8. You can download source tarballs from Prebuilt RPMs for Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, and Suse Enterprise can all be found in the Dell Software Repository at Changes in this release: Build system improvements only: Moved to a non-recursive automake system. … READ MORE

Michael B July 27, 2007

Updates to Linux Software Repositories hosts two different software repositories for our Linux customers. We have made some recent updates to these repositories; here is a quick rundown of the repositories and their features. Hardware repositoryThis repository is located at Software available in the hardware repository: Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) … READ MORE

Michael B July 12, 2007

Dell Open Source Community Contributions Overview

Dell has officially supported Linux since 1999 with our release of Red Hat Linux 6.1 for PowerEdge servers. In the course of making sure that each successive Linux release that we ship works as well as our customers demand, we have made many contributions to the open source … READ MORE

Michael B October 2, 2006
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