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Announcing the Dell Education Challenge 2013 Finalists

I’m excited to announce the three finalists in the Dell Education Challenge. These teams were selected from more than 800+ projects and exemplify innovation and creativity in solving educational issues.  They will travel to Dell World in Austin next week to pitch their ideas and compete for $30,000 in cash and … READ MORE

Michele Glaze December 2, 2013

Game On: Putting girls in the driver’s seat of technology

Empowering youth to acquire important skills like critical thinking, problem solving and technology literacy is at the heart of how we engage in many of our local communities around the world.  As part of these efforts, we help close the technology gap and creating learning opportunities for those … READ MORE

Michele Glaze September 18, 2013

Meet the 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge Finalists

This year’s projects range from something as complex as a biomedical technology that more easily diagnoses if a cancer has metastasized, to something as simple as a shoe cut from a discarded rubber tire. Coming from Germany, Mexico, Bangladesh, India and the United States, the 2013 Dell Social … READ MORE

Michele Glaze April 9, 2013

Calling all student entrepreneurs

Dell is a company built on the belief that a student with an idea can change the world. Almost 30 years ago, our company was founded in a dorm room. Through our work with the Dell Social Innovation Challenge, we seek to assist other university entrepreneurs as they … READ MORE

Michele Glaze January 22, 2013

Forward Tutoring Wins Dell Education Challenge

The winner of our Dell Education Challenge is all about paying it forward, rather than just paying it back. You see, Yale University student David Chi and his teammates wanted to create a holistic business that not only helped students, but also helped the community around them. Forward … READ MORE

Michele Glaze December 13, 2012

Dell Education Challenge Announces Four Finalists

I’m excited to announce the four finalists in the Dell Education Challenge. These teams will travel to Dell World in Austin next week to pitch their ideas and compete for $30,000 in cash and support to launch their businesses: e-Education for GAZA, which seeks to overcome geographic barriers … READ MORE

Michele Glaze December 4, 2012

Dell Education Challenge Announces Semifinalists

Earlier this year, we issued a challenge to university students: bring us your most innovative ideas for solving today’s biggest issues in primary/K-12 education. And, man, have those students answered. Today I’m thrilled to announce 21 semifinalists in the Dell Education Challenge, a spotlight challenge extending our partnership … READ MORE

Michele Glaze November 7, 2012

Powering the Possible in Primary/K-12 Education

Students want more modernized technology in their classrooms. They want teachers to incorporate digital learning more thoughtfully in their lesson plans, according to a study commissioned by Dell, and they think this can help personalize their experience and provide a more effective education. We discussed digital learning and … READ MORE

Michele Glaze September 14, 2012

Powering the Possible with Youth Learning

When I talk about Dell’s youth learning programs, I can cite bevy of statistics that demonstrate our work to close the learning gaps for children without access to quality facilities, teachers and tools to learn. Roughly 72 million school-aged children around the world don’t attend school. We work … READ MORE

Michele Glaze August 8, 2012
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