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Add "Recycle PC" to your post-holiday errands

I was an only child until I was 12, and until my brother was born, I was also the only grandchild. So my early Christmas memories involved what seemed like mountains of presents that I tore into like a Tasmanian devil. It was awesome. J Once everyone finished … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer December 28, 2010

Monday is America Recycles Day!

Tip: Follow me on Twitter @MichelleMAtDell The latest “Story of Stuff” was released online last week. It talks all about electronics and the need for more sustainable design and responsible recycling. The Dell team was excited to see how popular this new video is, because it helps raise … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer November 12, 2010

Computerworld Names Dell a Top Green-IT Vendor

It’s another green week at Dell! Our teams are thrilled to celebrate our inclusion on Computerworld’s Top 12 Green-IT Vendors for 2010. In its third year, the Computerworld Top Green-IT Organizations identify organizations that are implementing smart, efficient strategies to achieve green IT. Computerworld applied a set of … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer October 26, 2010

Newsweek Names Dell "Greenest Company in America"

The green buzz at Dell's Round Rock, Texas headquarters is almost palpable today. Team members here and around the world are celebrating that, with the help of our customers and suppliers, Dell has topped Newsweek's Greenest Companies in America for 2010. This truly is the result of collaboration … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer October 18, 2010

PC Recycling Has to be Free and Easy

This week, the New York Times reported that New York State joined the list of jurisdictions that have passed laws directed at electronic waste. The law highlights the growing sentiment that all manufacturers should offer free and convenient programs for consumers to return their unwanted PCs and related … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer June 10, 2010

Dell Streak Joins the Bamboo Packaging Party

You know your Mini 10 netbook is packaged with it. Your know about half of our Inspiron laptops are packaged with it. You even know you can toss it your compost pile for easy, environmentally responsible disposal. But did you know your favorite 5-inch, Android-based tablet from Dell … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer May 25, 2010

Storm Sessions Go Green

Today we're kicking off green-focused Storm Sessions on IdeaStorm centered all around corporate responsibility (CR), and we want to hear from YOU what impact a company’s corporate responsibility practices have on you. For example:   Do you prefer to buy a product from a ‘green’ company? What makes you … READ MORE

Michelle Mosmeyer May 3, 2010
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