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New Community Preview: Forums and Wikis

As Lionel mentioned in an earlier post, much of Dell’s community roots have proudly been in the support and resolution of tech support issues. Since 1996, we have had a forum for user-to-user support. With over a million users resolving each others’ issues on a regular basis, our … READ MORE

Natalie D November 5, 2008

Accepted Solutions: 10,000 and Counting

I blogged about Accepted Solutions a while back—it is a feature that we introduced in our community forums in February. For those that may not remember, Accepted Solutions allows a customer who originates a discussion thread to highlight a post within it that answered or solved their question. … READ MORE

Natalie D August 25, 2008

Have a Question? Our Community May Have an Answer!

  Next time you are over at the Dell Forums searching for answers, look for the image like the check mark on the left. It's telling you that there is an solution for that issue. It's part of something we launched in February called Accepted Solution. The concept … READ MORE

Natalie D April 28, 2008
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