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Printing in Video

As a light Friday post, we wanted to draw attention to a few new videos put out by our Dell Printing and Imaging team. The first set of videos from Adria Richards (sponsored by Dell). They are all about helping our customers get more from their products – … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson August 24, 2012

Get proactive about managing your printing costs

Despite all the promise of e-mail and document scanning leading to a “paperless” office, thousands of pages are printed in offices every day, and paper remains the preferred method for many offices to distribute information. That said, many organizations are facing tremendous financial pressures, operational budgets are being … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson May 18, 2012

Continuing Leadership in Green Imaging Solutions

Renew, reduce, recycle.  These three words represent the Dell Imaging Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility. It's been a while since we talked about our efforts to be a leader in green printing solutions, so here's a little update. We are dedicated to realizing the possibilities of environmentally conscious … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson April 5, 2012

Stop The Race To The Printer (video)

Did you know that Kim in marketing made more than you? Did you know that Bob in accounting had to sign supplimental discipline forms because his kids were acting up at school? How many times have you found something on the printer you weren’t meant to see? It … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson March 2, 2012

Advanced Printing Made Easy

Editor's Note: The following post is co-authored by Paul Nicholson and Orlando Lacayo. Paul is responsible for marketing in Dell's SMB Printer & Imaging PMA division, and you can follow him @PaulatDell. Orlando is a Global Product Manager within the SMB Printer & Imaging PMA division as well … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson December 7, 2011

Going Green with Dell Printing and Imaging

It’s getting cold in America! And while it may be getting snow-white where you live, we’re always thinking green here at Dell. And that goes double for us in Dell Printing and Imaging team. Why? Because green printing practices not only help businesses reduce their impact on the … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson November 16, 2011

How Important is Color?

Color is something we often take from granted. It’s easy to miss how it impacts our daily lives. Of course, the importance traffic light colors are obvious, but ask designers or psychologists and many will tell you that certain colors can make us happy, sad, hungry, or can … READ MORE

Paul Nicholson October 24, 2011
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