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Dell M110: Finally, a Projector That Works With You

At Dell, we’re determined to deliver products that are thin and powerful… and we’re not just talking about laptops. We understand that even the most seemingly basic devices can have a big impact on your productivity. That’s why we’re happy to introduce the Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector. … READ MORE

PaulHenri Ferrand November 8, 2011

You Can Tell the Difference. You Can Tell It’s Dell.

Today marks the launch of Dell’s first-ever global consumer marketing campaign, “You Can Tell It’s Dell.” But it’s much more than a campaign. It’s a promise to you, our customer. It’s a promise to deliver the best products and services and the very best customer experience throughout the … READ MORE

PaulHenri Ferrand October 26, 2010

Dell in Shanghai for the 2010 World Expo

As I’m sure you’ve read, last Friday, April 30 was the official opening for World Expo 2010, the grand international event that aims to promote the exchange of ideas and development of the world economy, culture, science and technology. Expecting 70+ million visitors, the overall theme of the … READ MORE

PaulHenri Ferrand May 5, 2010
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